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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Says He’s Terrified of Cole Hauser

by Chris Haney
(via Paramount Press Center)

While speaking about last night’s episode of Yellowstone, Jimmy actor Jefferson White amusingly admitted to being terrified of co-star Cole Hauser.

In this week’s “Stories From the Bunkhouse,” White is joined by Ryan actor Ian Bohen and Denim Richards who portrays Colby on the hit Paramount series. The three men touched on all things Season 4, Episode 7, which aired on Sunday night.

Jimmy’s character is still in Texas working on the 6666 Ranch and seems to have a new fling. All of the women from the bunkhouse were recently kicked out, but Teeter has talked her way back in. Additionally, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) has thrown his hat into the ring for Montana governor to the shock of all, especially his son Jamie.

There’s plenty of storylines for the guys to go over this week. Yet while talking about Teeter’s heart-to-heart moment with John’s right-hand man Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), White made an admission to the group. After Rip tells Teeter to move back into the bunkhouse, she hugs Rip while he sits atop his horse. As Yellowstone fans know well, Rip isn’t exactly the sentimental type, but he took it in stride. That’s when Bohen asked, “Have you had the instinct during an acting scene to physically touch Cole Hauser?”

“No, I’m terrified of [Cole Hauser]. He’d pick me up by the scruff of my neck, and punt me,” White hilariously says. “I mean Cole’s also like an incredible improviser though, so Cole would roll with it. By which I mean he would roll me into…”

“Right, with his boot in your neck,” Bohen interrupted as the three actors shared a laugh at the thought.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Reveals Trick Producers Pulled to Get Bear to Chase Him

It sounds like Jefferson White may be more scared of Cole Hauser than some of the intense stunts he’s performed on Yellowstone. In fact, he may even be more terrified of the Rip Wheeler actor than a huge bear that once chased him down on the show.

During Season 1, production used a real bear to go after Jimmy not long after he joined the bunkhouse. But while filming the bear scene, the lazy beast simply did not want to give chase to White.

“We shot it in like late November, so it was hibernation season. So this bear was like the laziest bear you’ve ever met,” White joked in a recent People interview. “They kept trying to antagonize the bear to get it to chase me.”

Jimmy ran away from the bear and climbed up a tree to safety in the scene. Yet the bear refused to give chase in real life, so the Yellowstone crew enticed the bear with food.

“What they ended up doing was stuffing my pockets full of chicken,” White recalled. “So every pocket on my body was stuffed full of a shredded chicken to try to get the bear to chase me.”