‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Talks About Jimmy’s Close Encounter With Horse on the 6666 Ranch

by Jon D. B.

If you’ve watched Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 7, then you know “close encounter” is putting it lightly. And Jimmy actor Jefferson White agrees.

“Jimmy’s never done this before. Jimmy’s incredibly uncomfortable with it,” Jefferson White begins. As the Yellowstone fan-favorite shuffles his feet, it becomes clear that discomfort wasn’t acting.

In fact, Season 4, Episode 7’s “Keep the Wolves Close” title should be extended to “Keep the Wolves Close… And Your Horses Closer.” As White recounts for the show’s latest “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” the actor himself had to get ahold of the stallion’s, well, jimmy, to complete the scene.

“We’re at a real, working ranch where they do this every day,” White explains to his co-stars. “This is big business.”

Big business, indeed. If you haven’t caught on yet: yes, we are discussing Jimmy performing a full semen extraction from one of the 6666 ranch‘s stallions. Yellowstone shows the process in full, and it’s enough to where we have to link out to Paramount Network’s website here for you to view the uncensored version.

But as Jefferson White says, this is everyday stuff in the life of a cowboy. It translates into huge money for horse breeders and trainers, too. “At that stage, it’s not gross. It’s veterinary science. It’s their job,” the actor adds. “And it was my job in that moment to do it.”

‘Yellowstone’ Will Make a Cowboy Out of Jefferson White Yet

“My number one priority was keeping the horse safe. Because the last thing I want to do is hurt a horse,” White continues. “All we think about all the time on this show is protecting the animals and keeping them safe. Make sure they are comfortable,” he adds.

As one of the vet techs on set later told White, “Bro, that’s a pretty dangerous situation,” he recalls. “In that moment, that’s a moment where it’d be easy to get hurt because that horse’s focus… He’s not thinking about you at all.”

But as the Yellowstone episode clearly shows, Jefferson White saddled up and was a true champion. “That scene was all one take,” he reveals.

“Your face is just priceless,” lauds Ryan’s Ian Bohen. “You’ve been hip-deep in the grossest sh*t.”

Now now, Ian. This is veterinary science and a money-making procedure, not smut, remember? Yellowstone fans will recall, too, that this is far from Jimmy’s first “intense” encounter with livestock on the show. As Bohen adds, “I think Taylor [Sheridan] just loves watching you be a fish out of water. He’s puttin’ it to you!”

This definitely checks out. From having Jimmy shimmy up a tree to escape a grizzly to being elbow deep in the back end of an animal the size of a SUV, Jimmy has been Sheridan’s punching bag for four years now. But something tells us the actor wouldn’t have it any other way.