‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Talks Explosive Moment Involving Lloyd

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Yellowstone fans who tuned into Sunday’s episode were left stunned by one explosive moment between old friends Rip and Lloyd. Yet fans of the show weren’t the only ones shocked by the scene. Actor Jefferson White who plays the role of Jimmy recently shared his surprise over the moment dating back to when he first read the script.

All Yellowstone fans know Rip Wheeler‘s rules well when it comes to fighting. There’s really only one rule on the ranch… no fighting between ranch hands. In addition, if you’re going to brawl, you’re supposed to fight Rip and only Rip. So yea, good luck with that one.

During Season 4, Episode 4, Lloyd and Walker’s contentious relationship finally comes to a head. Walker brings over a bowl of food to Lloyd in what seemed like a peace offering of sorts. But Lloyd wasn’t having it, and the two quickly came to blows. That’s when Rip entered the bunkhouse and was forced to lay down the law. As close as Rip and Lloyd might be, John Dutton’s right-hand man threw his friend around like a rag doll to teach the whole bunkhouse a lesson. It’s not the first time we’ve seen what happens when the workers get in a tussle with each other.

In fact, viewers saw that precedent set early on when White’s character Jimmy first joined the crew in Season 1. One of the ranch hands kept bullying Jimmy, and eventually beat him up. Rip stepped in and put a whoopin’ on the ranch hand, but it didn’t stop there. He also took him to the train station, which all Yellowstone fans know exactly what that means. Lloyd isn’t taking a train ride, but Rip served him a full helping of embarrassment that’s sure to humble the veteran.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor ‘Couldn’t Believe It’ When Reading About the Fight in the Script

Some of the cast from the series spoke about the incident in the latest episode of Stories From The Bunkhouse. Actor Jefferson White who portrays Jimmy touched on all of the highlights from the most recent episode of Yellowstone. But it was the Lloyd and Walker turned Lloyd and Rip fistfights that stunned the actor.

“I read that in the script and I couldn’t believe it,” White said. “Since Season 1, the one rule… no fighting. And when it was like Lloyd for… the tension between those two guys has been brimming so it finally kind of explodes in that moment.”

When Rip isn’t around, Lloyd is the veteran of the Yellowstone ranch bunkhouse. He’s supposed to set the example for everyone else. Therefore if Lloyd isn’t held accountable for his actions, the rest of the ranch hands will think they can get away with hell too. It’s a hard stance, and one Rip even condemned Lloyd for making him enforce. However, a rule’s a rule, and Rip had to do what he had to do.

“Rip has the most loyalty to Lloyd but that also means that Lloyd also has the most responsibility. And the consequences of betraying that loyalty is that much higher,” White explained.