‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Talks Jimmy’s Most Painful Moments on the Show

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Jefferson White and the rest of the “Bunkhouse Boys” gathered round to dish out Jimmy’s most painful experiences on the show.

The Paramount Network has an ongoing YouTube series called “Stories from the Bunkhouse” that takes you exclusively behind the scenes. White, along with Ian Bohen and Denim Richards, breaks down moments from the show as well as the characters themselves. In this most recent episode, the trio tackled White’s character, Jimmy.

Jimmy has certainly been through the wringer, in this most recent Season 4 as well as the three seasons before it. White, Bohen and Richards decided to organize “Jimmy’s Pain Scale” on a whiteboard so that they could see how different painful experiences rank from 1-10.

The “Yellowstone” stars get right down to it, starting with the first episode of the first season. “Okay, we start out with the taser. Very first time we meet Jimmy, boom, taser,” White begins. “Fifteen minutes later, boom, brand. A little bit after that, Rip kicked me in the butt. That’s about halfway into the first episode.”

It’s astonishing to think about how much poor Jimmy went through on “Yellowstone” in just this short amount of time. Bohen then chimes in with a moment from Season 2, when ranch hand Avery accidentally sprays Jimmy with bear spray. White adds it to the board.

“In between here and here,” White says, pointing to the board, “I fell off about 15 horses.”

Bohen gives another addition. “This is my most favorite because it really gives us some insight into you. The pain that a man can only know as a broken heart: Mia.”

Jimmy’s girlfriend broke up with him this past “Yellowstone” episode, breaking his heart completely. But before that, Avery also left Jimmy. And he lost his grandfather, White reminds the two stars.

How Do These ‘Yellowstone’ Experiences Rank on ‘Jimmy’s Pain Scale?’

Before getting into the ranking, “Yellowstone” star Jefferson White reminds his co-stars about breaking his back at the end of Season 3. In addition to his pelvis, arm, and “weenie.” Jimmy also got punched in the face at one point.

Now that the “Yellowstone” stars have broken down at least 10 painful moments for poor Jimmy, they get down to ranking them.

The punch in the face and kick in the butt tie for 1, at the lowest amount of pain. Bear spray comes in at 2, taser at 3, and the 15 horse falls take up the 4-7 spots. White surprisingly puts the brand at only 8 for pain. But before he gets to 9, Bohen cuts in with the biggest pain of all.

“The pain of disappointing John Dutton,” Bohen says.

Jimmy broke his word to John when he promised he wouldn’t rodeo again. No one likes to disappoint John, but especially not Jimmy, who’s dedicated his whole life to this man and this ranch. White writes a big old 10 on the whiteboard next to John Dutton, putting all the other painful moments underneath it.

Does Jimmy deserve all this pain throughout four seasons of “Yellowstone?” Tell us your thoughts, Outsiders.