‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Talks Jimmy’s New Potential Love Interest

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

On this latest episode of “Yellowstone,” Jimmy met another worker on the Four-Sixes Ranch with who he might just form a connection.

The two didn’t have a meet-cute necessarily… but it was definitely an unforgettable experience. Vet tech Emily (Kathryn Kelly) called Jimmy up to help her masturbate stallions so they could collect semen for lab testing. Jimmy had no idea what he was getting himself into until Emily handed him the sheath and told him to hold on to it.

After the “Yellowstone” episode aired, the cast and crew took us behind the scenes of the episode in “Behind the Story,” a mini YouTube series. Both Jefferson White, who play Jimmy, and Kelly talked about filming the scene with the stallion.

“So Jimmy first meets Emily to help her collect from stallions,” White begins. “It’s a very serious, big deal industry. To do all that next to Kathryn is such an incredible gift, ’cause she’s an unbelievably talented actor, and she’s getting thrown into this world for the first time, too.”

Kelly signed on as a recurring cast member on “Yellowstone,” so we’ll definitely be seeing her character more in the future. Like White, she doesn’t have much previous experience with ranching or horses, but it was her job to pretend like nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Collecting some things from horses is very normal for someone who works on a ranch every day,” Kelly explained. “It was not normal for me, however. On the outside, I was trying to keep it together and be like, ‘You are used to this. You’ve seen this a hundred times before.’ But on the side was low-key freaking out.”

Who wouldn’t be? Kelly also opened up about what she likes about her character.

“She just kind of commands the space, which I love,” Kelly said. And as for the connection between her and Jimmy? “They meet, and it just seems to line up in the right way.”

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Talk Jimmy’s Moment with the Stallion

In another behind-the-scenes video, “Yellowstone” stars Jefferson White, Ian Bohen, and Denim Richards also broke down Jimmy’s scene with the aroused stallion.

“Jimmy’s never done this before. Jimmy’s incredibly uncomfortable with it,” White begins in “Stories From the Bunkhouse.”

“But we’re at a real, working ranch where they do this every day. This is big business,” White explains. “At that stage, it’s not gross. It’s veterinary science. It’s their job. And it was my job, in that moment, to do it.”

White went on to explain how they did the whole scene in one take, minimizing any harm to the horse.

“My number one priority was keeping the horse safe. Because the last thing I want to do is hurt a horse,” White says. “All we think about all the time on this show is protecting the animals and keeping them safe. Make sure they are comfortable.”

Well, that horse definitely seemed comfortable with Jimmy. Like Bohen said, Jimmy’s face was just “priceless.”