‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Talks Learning to Rope on the Show

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Veteran actor and “Yellowstone” star Jefferson White is not a cowboy by any stretch of the imagination but he does play one on TV.

One of the primary jobs of being a cowboy is tending to cattle that reside on the ranch. There are a couple of different ways to do this but one of the main ways is slinging a rope in their direction. Roping is definitely a skill that every cowboy should possess. Jimmy very clearly does not yet possess roping skills but he’s working on it. Earlier this season, Jimmy is jettisoned off of “Yellowstone” Ranch for disobeying John Dutton.

He heads to Texas where he will go through a “cowboy boot camp” at the Four Sixes Ranch, one of the biggest ranches in the country. After a long day of riding, his partner suggests that he learn to rope, saying a rope is the only tool they use. Jimmy takes this to heart and begins practicing immediately, spending all night with a lasso and a bull replica. He seems to be getting better at as he practices through the night.

In a recent episode of “Tales From The Bunkhouse,” Jefferson White talks about Jimmy’s desire to learn roping skills. He sits down with fellow “Yellowstone” cast members Denim Richards (Colby) and Ian Bohen (Ryan) in the latest edition.

As you can tell by the video, becoming a legitimate cowboy means the world to Jimmy. Jefferson White says his “Yellowstone” character will do whatever it takes to earn the cowboy title.

“Roping is one of these things that we’ve watched these guys do for years,” he says. “Then it has been such a journey to try to catch up to the bare minimum just to participate.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Puts in the (Roping) Work

With Jimmy learning to rope on-screen, that meant Jefferson learning to rope off-screen. Roping is something that requires a ton of practice and patience to master.

“Yeah, every time I try to swing a rope in my apartment in Brooklyn, I knock over my roommates,” he says.

The comment from Jefferson draws a round of laughter from Richards and Bohen.

Jefferson White has been with “Yellowstone” since the very beginning and he’s seen his share of ups and downs. Unfortunately for his character, the downs seem to be winning handily over the ups. White plays the quirky but lovable “Yellowstone” ranch hand Jimmy Hurstrom on the show and does it quite well. We first meet Jimmy in the very first “Yellowstone” episode. He’s jamming away with a song from the rock band, A Perfect Circle when he gets a knock on his door. Clearly stones, Jimmy answer the door to find Rip Wheeler at his doorstep. We all know what happens next.

Jimmy’s journey has been one of the most interesting aspects of this “Yellowstone’ season. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Jimmy find some redemption in the near future.