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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Urges Fans to ‘Cross Your Fingers’ Ahead of Season 4

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Jefferson White posted an ominous message last night in preparation for the upcoming Season 4 premiere.

White, who plays inexperienced ranch hand Jimmy, took us all the way back to Season 1 with a throwback pic of Jimmy in the bunkhouse. Back then, he couldn’t even tell the front side from the backside of a cowboy hat. But by the end of Season 3, Jimmy had found his true calling in the rodeo. Only to end up dangerously injured not once, but twice in one season.

During the Season 3 finale, Jimmy decides to get back in the saddle again at the Yellowstone Ranch. But things backfire when the horse throws him and he goes down hard, not moving. We really don’t know if he’ll survive through the Season 4 premiere episode or beyond.

And White, rather than reassuring fans, just boosted their anxiety that much higher. In the caption for his throwback pic, White wrote, “Season one of @yellowstone in advance of the season four premiere this Sunday. Cross your fingers.”

Cross our fingers that Jimmy lives?! That seemed to be what White’s saying. Not a good omen at all for hardcore Jimmy fans.

And many people in the comments do indicate that they’re Jimmy fans. One fan commented on his post, “You HAVE to survive! Enjoy Jimmy so much!”

Another person said, “You’re my favorite character on the show!!!”

A different fan wrote, “Please be OK, I like the relationship between Lloyd, Rip, and Jimmy.”

And this one fan really summed up how we’ll all be feeling Sunday night if we have to watch Jimmy die. “I swear if ANYTHING happens to Jimmy I’m gonna make Rip look like a sweet gentleman. 🤬🤬🤬 #ProtectJimmy,” the fan commented.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Says He Doesn’t Do His Own Stunts

While many people commented on “Yellowstone” star Jefferson White’s post about whether Jimmy lives or dies, one fan went a different direction. Instagram user Justan Habhab casually asked White, “Question for you chief, you do your own stunts?”

It’s a fair question, considering the dangerous nature of rodeoing. We’d be mighty impressed if White managed to balance being an incredible actor and a rodeo star to boot. But he confessed that it’s not him up on that bucking horse during the rodeo scenes.

“@justanhab no!! A rodeo cowboy named Bobby Roberts does!” White replied to the fan’s comment.

Apparently, when “Yellowstone” first cast Jefferson White, they had to take him to “Cowboy Camp” because he’d never ridden a horse before. But he got after it and put the work in to really learn how to handle himself on a horse, progressing in his skill just like Jimmy does on the show.