‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Calls Season 4 a Full-on ‘Adrenaline Experience’

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Jen Landon really hyped up the first episode of Season 4 in an exclusive interview with the Paramount Network.

The past few days, Paramount has debuted the first three seasons of the highly acclaimed cable show for a Labor Day weekend marathon. Season 1 ran on Saturday, Season 2 on Sunday, and Season 3 will run today, Monday, at noon EST.

When the show announced that it would run the marathon on its official Twitter page, the promo also mentioned it would “go behind the scenes of the new season.” The promo cut to a clip of Rip Wheeler actor Cole Hauser talking about Season 4 in an interview with Paramount. “There’s gonna be highs and lows,” he says. “That’s kinda what has made the show special.”

“Yellowstone” star Jen Landon also spoke in an interview about the upcoming season. It sounds like emotions definitely run high throughout the script for the first episode.

“When I read episode one of season four,” Landon said, according to Express. “It felt like someone threw me on a train that just kept getting faster. It was an adrenaline experience.”

Denim Richards, whose character Colby develops a relationship with Landon’s Teeter, also spoke out about the upcoming season.

“I think that there’s a lot of really exciting things this year,” Richards said during his interview. “(There are) a lot of things that you really wouldn’t expect.”

Furthermore, “Yellowstone” star Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan, teased one last cryptic note about the new season.

“What I can tell you, whatever you think you know is gonna change, be prepared for that,” Bohen said.

So, it sounds like our worst fears could easily come true this season. Perhaps one of the Duttons who faced a life or death situation in the Season 3 finale will actually bite the dust. Maybe the Duttons will lose everything. Or maybe, they’ll come for their attackers with an unmatched vengeance.

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Say Fans Aren’t Ready for Newest Season

Filming wrapped on “Yellowstone” Season 4 last November. Meaning these stars have sat on details and plot points and major character arcs for the better part of a year, but they haven’t been able to say anything. Now, with the new trailer dropping and tidbits about the new season coming to light, the actors can finally start to tease what’s to come in November.

Kevin Costner, who leads the show as patriarch John Dutton, sent fans into a frenzy with his ominous words via Twitter. “I don’t know if you’re ready for this one. #everybodypays,” Costner tweeted along with the trailer.

So, in addition to the hype from Landon, Richards, and Bohen, we now have Costner’s warning to keep in mind. Could the new season really be that crazy? Guess we’ll have to wait until Nov. 7 to find out.