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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Compares Teeter to Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton

by Leanne Stahulak
Paramount Press Center

If there are any two women on “Yellowstone” who are both strikingly similar and vastly different, it’s Teeter and Beth Dutton.

Despite coming from completely different backgrounds, they both exhibit strong personalities and an inner fire that fuels them. They speak bluntly but truthfully, and they’re not afraid of how their words affect other people.

“Yellowstone” star Jen Landon elaborated even more about the comparison between Beth and Teeter. She sat down on the show’s official podcast with co-star Jefferson White. On the podcast, White opened up the floor to Landon about the similarities and differences between the two characters.

“I had been talking a little bit before the podcast about Teeter being a strong character, and we were agreeing that Teeter is a strong female,” Landon began. “But she’s nowhere near as strong as Beth.”

Wait, what? Perhaps Landon’s thinking about this stems from all the struggles we’ve watched Beth experience. We really don’t know as much about Teeter’s backstory as we’d like to. But we’ve seen Beth overcome so much physical, emotional, and mental hardship in just four seasons. She draws her strength from those painful experiences so she can overcome them every day.

Landon’s “Yellowstone” co-star White offered another explanation.

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Jefferson White and Jen Landon Discuss Masculinity vs. Femininity on the Show

When talking about the differences between Beth and Teeter, “Yellowstone” star Jen Landon clarified that something about Beth on-screen resonated with Landon personally.

“Beth is, for me watching it, so ironically female in this really wonderful way,” Landon explained. “That I as a person really like watching as well. Because it’s very powerful, but it’s very feminine in this very traditional way.”

Jefferson White ends up nailing the analysis. “Beth leverages her femininity as a weapon. She uses it as a weapon to get what she wants from her enemies,” White theorized. “And Teeter takes a very different tactic. Teeter kind of leverages her masculinity. Or in some ways, how she’s a dude, and she’ll punch you in the face before she’ll talk it out.”

“Yeah no, she’s not talking it out. I don’t think that has worked well for her in the past,” Landon replied.

This definitely clears things up a bit. Beth and Teeter can both be called strong, but they use their strength differently. Teeter uses it to prove she can be one of the guys and keep up with the other cowboys. Beth uses it to weaken her enemies and make them underestimate her.

At the end of the day, it’s easy to see pieces of yourself in both “Yellowstone” characters. Because either way, they’re both fighting for what they want, and to defend the family that they love.