‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Describes Show As ‘Being Part of an Extended Family’

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

“Yellowstone” star Jen Landon may have joined the show only in Season 3, but already she said it feels like “being part of an extended family.”

Landon recently sat down to talk with The Gate about her time on the show leading up to Season 5. We know Landon will return as Teeter for the upcoming season because Paramount just upped her and Kathryn Kelly to series regulars. We can’t wait to see Teeter on our screen once more, especially given the chemistry she has with the cast and crew.

When talking to The Gate about that cast and crew, Landon described it in pretty big terms.

“It’s like being part of a town, of like its own village in a way,” Landon explained. “There’s the on camera, there’s the crew, there’s the wranglers, there’s the stunt guys, there’s the overlap of all those things.”

She added, “It’s like being a part of a small town, and yet everybody in the town is also part of an extended family. It is like being a part of a big sort of family. Or like a cult with no belief system. It is really a wonderful sense of community.”

Jen Landon isn’t the only “Yellowstone” star to compare the show to an extended family. They’ve all developed tight bonds with one another over the last four to five years. Those bonds can only be formed through spending plenty of quality time together, which is easy enough when you spend several months at a time filming and prepping together.

Big Part of ‘Yellowstone’ Extended Family, Per Jen Landon, is Taylor Sheridan

While the “Yellowstone” extended family contains many moving parts, the father-figure watching over all of it is Taylor Sheridan. He created the show and leads its writing and directing teams.

In an interview with The Gate earlier, Jen Landon opened up about her relationship with Sheridan over the last two seasons of the show.

“Well, I love him professionally and personally to the extent that I’m not sure if I could even pick which part or which relationship with him that I like more,” Landon told the outlet. “The thing that’s the greatest about him and my experience is that he’s so collaborative, he’s so empowering to the actor. All of the boundaries are in place, and yet there’s also this feeling of like, screw the rules.”

Sheridan clearly wants input from his actors, who know the characters almost better than he does. This creates a feeling of “going rogue” on set for Landon. “And it’s just adventurous and alive and fast and he knows what he wants and he’s so smart and it’s fun. It feels like sports… it reminds me of when I used to play sports. And that’s the greatest feeling,” she shared.