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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Describes What Drives Teeter

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

OK, so what drives Teeter? You know, the Yellowstone character played by Jen Landon on the Taylor Sheridan show. Her character is one that both shows a tender as well as a tough side. But there must be something about Teeter that Jen Landon connects with on a deep level. Yes, the Yellowstone actress offers up some insights here.

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Jen Landon Talks About What Drives Teeter on Drama

“Yeah, I talked to Taylor a little about it in season three,” she said. “And we had the same idea that Teeter was raised on a sheep farm, [having] older brothers, probably without a mom, a real sense of family.

“And, I felt like she sort of lost that family to a host of different issues and that she’s been a mobile worker ever since,” the Yellowstone actress said. “Moving around [from] ranch to ranch, you take jobs here and there, and she’s so crusty and guarded and all that stuff. But she really longs for that sense of family and she’s found that family at the Dutton ranch. And, I’ve always imagined that she doesn’t really want to go anywhere else ever.” We get more about this from ScreenRant.

What drives her is that desirable sense of family. Being on the Dutton ranch and as part of the bunkhouse crew definitely makes Teeter family. She more than holds her own when getting into an argument or deep discussion. It’s a character that obviously has a lot of upside. And we will be seeing more of Teeter since Landon has been upgraded to regular cast member status. Sheridan did this leading into Season 5, which will appear at some point on the Paramount Network.

Show Star Says Her Team Lied To Her Before Getting Role

But here’s a little inside Yellowstone for you, too. Most of the show’s actors will go through what is called “Cowboy Camp” and learn about the lifestyle. Yes, the lifestyle of a cowboy. This is true for both actors and actresses alike. But they do get to learn about riding horses.

Now, Landon had some previous experience when it comes to riding horses. She talked about it during an appearance on the Johnny Dare Morning Show. “My team lied and said that I was like a professional rider,” Landon said. “I had ridden horses when I was really young, a little bit. But they put you through training, and everybody’s very patient. And I’m addicted to it now.”

Landon is now riding for real and will not be quitting anytime soon. “The sort of lifestyle that you see on the show, that I think so many people hook into, has sort of permeated my own life now and become a part of my life,” Landon said.