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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Is Drawn to the ‘Wildness’ of Montana

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)

A new official Yellowstone podcast episode has shed some light on one of the show’s newer actresses, Jen Landon. She joined in Season 3 as Teeter. During the podcast, hosted by Jefferson White, they talk about the show in general and how she steps into the role of Teeter, especially when dealing with animals. “I do move through the world slightly differently when I’m in her skin. People very close to me notice it. Some like it, some don’t,” Landon jokes.

A big talking point for Landon on the podcast is how being in Montana has affected her professionally and personally. When filming Yellowstone, the cast is secluded in a small Montana town for months, away from their friends and family. To keep busy, they spend a lot of time with each other bonding and forming friendships. The experience has been said to be very “authentic” since they live and work on a ranch. Landon, for a while, even lived above a horse barn. “I sort of thrive in that environment. Montana to me feels like the most wild state in many ways, in a nature sense. On the flip side, I like New York City so much because New York is sort of wild as well,” Landon said. “I’m drawn to that wildness. Getting in that nature as much as possible is so grounding.”

When not spending time in nature, or practicing “soft receptivity” with horses and cattle, Jen Landon spends time with her castmates. To help create that sense of community, they do group activities like movie nights. During a time that they all knew would be challenging, spending personal time together has helped them to create a close-knit Yellowstone family.

Castmates Love Montana As Much As Jen Landon Does

Jen Landon isn’t the only Yellowstone cast member to speak out about what filming in Montana is like. Kelly Reilly shared her thoughts on the wild state in the same podcast episode as Jen Landon. When speaking to Jefferson about filming in Montana, she was appreciative of the natural beauty around them. “I love being in Montana. That’s part of the… that’s really a win. I would not want to be on a backlot in California for four years,” Reilly said. “There’s something about being that close to the elements and that close to nature.”

I’m sure we can all agree with that. Montana is the perfect place to film Yellowstone. The dynamic environment adds so much value to the scenes. It’s quite the experience for everyone involved.

Jen Landon and Kelly Reilly were just two of the three cast members invited to talk on the podcast. Kelsey Asbille was also on the episode. The episode is called “The Frontier Is Female” and goes into detail about what it’s like portraying women in a modern Western.