‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Loves That Teeter ‘Felt Like a Dude’

by Joe Rutland

Watching Yellowstone gives actress Jen Landon room to play her role as Teeter. But there is something about the character that she likes.

“I kind of liked that Teeter felt like a dude and someone maybe assumed that she was into chicks but she’s a dude herself,” Landon says. She was being interviewed on The Johnny Dare Morning Show out of Kansas City.

When the actress sees herself playing Teeter, she also notices some differences and changes between Landon and the character. It’s something that maybe actresses and actors, too, will be more observant of than others.

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Has Family Connection To Classic TV Star Michael Landon

“It’s weird,” she says to Dare. “I look at it and I’m like, ‘God, I don’t even have prosthetics on my face and I look really different.’ But yeah, that’s my face.”

She has been around the world of show business for a lot of her life. With a last name like Landon, she probably has had her fair share of questions about being related to a certain actor. Yes, indeed, her father was actor-director Michael Landon. Classic TV fans know of him from playing Little Joe on Bonanza and Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie.

Her character on Yellowstone can be a bit sarcastic and tough at times. She had a memorable scene when Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, thought it would be cool to bring Carter, played by Finn Little, into the bunkhouse. Why? For a friendly game of cards.

Teeter Had Memorable Bunkhouse Scene When Giving Carter A Hard Time

Teeter was giving some rather adult language words toward Carter to throw him off. It just didn’t matter as the kid piled up some wins against them. Still, the scene was truly worth a memory or two from Season 4 of Yellowstone.

She’s coming back for Season 5 and expects her character to just keep on getting bigger. It should after Landon got promoted to a series regular along with Kathryn Kelly, who debuted in Season 4 as Emily, a new love interest for Jefferson White’s Jimmy Hurdstrom character.

Speaking of both Landon and White, she sat down on the show’s official podcast in which White is a host. On there, White asked Landobn about the similarities and differences between her character and Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly.

“I had been talking a little bit before the podcast about Teeter being a strong character, and we were agreeing that Teeter is a strong female,” Landon said. “But she’s nowhere near as strong as Beth.” That is an interesting observation because Teeter seems to show a level of strength in herself, too.