‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Posts New Pics from ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Set: ‘Let’s Get Western’

by Jon D. B.

We’re sensing a common thread, here! Yellowstone‘s own Teeter, Jen Landon, is ready to “get Western” in her new role for CBS’s FBI: Most Wanted.

Are you watching Jen Landon’s new show? Yellowstone fans will want to check out her latest role, as it’s definitely familiar, horse-laden territory.

For CBS’s FBI: Most Wanted, Jen Landon debuts in a recurring role as Sarah Allen. Allen is young Tali’s horseback riding instructor. Within the show, Landon shares quite a few scenes with Julian McMahon as Special Agent Jess LaCroix, Tali’s father.

Landon is showcasing all of the above Tuesday as she shares set photos from her latest “Western” gig.

“Let’s get Western on tonight’s episode of @fbimostwantedcbs at 10/9c !” the Yellowstone star posts to her official Instagram. Within, we see Jen Landon alongside McMahon and Tali’s young YaYa Gosselin. The photos showcase Landon’s Yellowstone skills as she proves quite the effective horseback instructor for Tali.

The images come courtesy of filming in New York, which took place January 26 of 2021. The episode itself, however, didn’t air until Tuesday, March 2, the same day Landon is sharing her behind-the-scenes look.

March 2nd’s episode sees a suspect escape trial before going on a murder spree. To deal with the ongoing situation, the show’s FBI team partners with bail bondsperson, Jackie (Amy Carlson), in order to track down the murderer. Through it all, Jen Landon’s horse trainer, Sarah Allen, makes her debut.

Jen Landon: From ‘Yellowstone’ to ‘Most Wanted’ to… Satanic Worship!?

In addition to FBI: Most Wanted, Jen Landon is beyond excited for fans to finally see more of her work on yet another show.

“So glad more people will finally get to see this awesome show!!!” Landon posts to her Instagram stories. The show in question? Banshee.

According to HBO, Banshee is an American action show created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler. Originally, the show aired on Cinemax starting January 11, 2013. As for the plot, the thriller is set in Amish country, in the small town of Banshee, Pennsylvania. 

The events follow an enigmatic ex-con (Antony Starr), who assumes the identity of the town’s murdered sheriff, Lucas Hood, in order to hide from a powerful crime boss.

Sound intriguing? You’re in luck! Jen Landon says the show is now streaming as of the end of February!

“All four seasons are gonna be streaming on HBOMax starting next week,” the excited actress stated just before the release. As for when & where to expect Jen Landon herself to show up, the actress clarifies that she show’s up “in Season 4 for some good ol’ Satanic Worship!”

Maybe leave grandma out of this viewing, Yellowstone fans. Though, to be perfectly honest, if your grandma is watching Yellowstone, then she can definitely handle a little Satanic worship. Yah? Yah.

As for what this all means for Teeter on Yellowstone, well… We’re wondering the same.