‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Relates to Her Teeter Character ‘Deep Down’

by Thad Mitchell

The hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is home to several colorful characters all living on a huge cattle ranch.

Since joining “Yellowstone” in the third season, veteran actress Jen Landon has been an excellent addition to the cast. Landon plays the tough-talking, pink-haired ranch hand Teeter and plays her pretty darn well. Since her introduction early in season three, Teeter has become a favorite among “Yellowstone” fans.

At the time she is hired, Teeter becomes the only female ranch hand residing in the ranch’s bunkhouse. That is no problem for Teeter as she can more than hold her own when it comes to cowboying. The bunkhouse crew took a liking to Teeter almost immediately and she quickly became “one of the guys,” quickly earning their respect. She takes a liking to a fellow ranch hand, Colby, who doesn’t return the feelings at first. After a near-death experience at the hands of Wade and Clint Morrow, Colby relents and recognizes his feelings for Teeter.

Jen Landon’s work on “Yellowstone” is excellent and she is nearly unrecognizable on the show as Teeter. In an edition of “Stories From The Bunkhouse,” Landon shares her thoughts on playing the character. She says she relates so well to Teeter that sometimes she believes she is Teeter.

“I think I am Teeter. Deep down. I think so. I think I’m a feral, s***-kicking, little weirdo,” she says.

Getting the role of Teeter on “Yellowstone” wasn’t a slam dunk, according to Landon.

“I thought I tanked the audition,” she continues. “You saw it, I did not, apparently, but I thought I tanked it so hard, I kept having the casting associate read the scene again. Just do it again, which is also a big audition no-no for any actors who are watching.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Further Develops Teeter Character

As it was for many “Yellowstone” characters, the fourth season was a tough one for Teeter.

After ranch hands Lloyd and Walker have it out over Laramie, John Dutton decides to rid the bunkhouse of females. Teeter is fired from the ranch for an incident she had nothing to do with. She is not happy with the situation and decided to speak up for herself.

Teeter talks to John Dutton, telling him that she is one of the best workers on the ranch, which Rip Wheeler backs up. It still isn’t good enough as John doesn’t flinch on his females in the bunkhouse stance.

But, Teeter then shows John her “Yellowstone” brand, much to the latter’s surprise. With the aid of Rip, John relents and allows Teeter to keep her job and spot in the bunkhouse.

Now that Teeter has become a star character, fans wonder what the “Yellowstone” future holds for her and Landon. Rumors have suggested that she could be a part of spinoff “6666” though nothing has been confirmed.