‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Reveals ‘Greatest Thing’ About Taylor Sheridan

by Joe Rutland

Yellowstone actress Jen Landon is definitely a fan of show creator Taylor Sheridan. In many interviews, she raves over him. In fact, she’s pretty geeked about playing Teeter in the Western drama. But there is a lot to unpack when it comes to her role, her work, and how she sees Sheridan.

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Jen Landon Doesn’t Hold Back On Being Taylor Sheridan Fan

“Well, I love him professionally and personally to the extent that I’m not sure if I could even pick which part or which relationship with him that I like more,” Landon said recently. “The thing that’s the greatest about him and my experience is that he’s so collaborative, he’s so empowering to the actor. All of the boundaries are in place, and yet there’s also this feeling of like, screw the rules.” We get more from The Gate.

Jen Landon says there is a “feeling of going rogue” when filming on the Yellowstone set with Taylor Sheridan. “And it’s just adventurous and alive and fast and he knows what he wants and he’s so smart and it’s fun. It feels like sports… it reminds me of when I used to play sports. And that’s the greatest feeling.”

Being Part of Show And Filming Scenes Means, For Landon, That It’s Like Movies

There is more to this type of working relationship between Landon and Sheridan. When it comes to shooting scenes or filming the entire episode, then it doesn’t necessarily feel like a TV show. But it is a TV show and one of the most-watched shows these days. Sometimes, fans will discuss the ranch hand living conditions that Teeter finds herself dealing with, too.

Yet the actress feels differently about the shooting experience on the set. Recently, Landon sat in for a chat with the Johnny Dare Morning Show. It was an expansive chat and she shares why being on the Yellowstone set and filming is more like a movie.

“Yeah it is, and I think that’s the sort of structure of Taylor [Sheridan’s] brain,” she said. “Shooting the show doesn’t feel like you’re shooting a show.” This type of atmosphere is one that she likes and it kind of feels like doing work in real life.

“A lot of the time, especially as a member of the bunkhouse boys, you’re dealing with horses and you’re dealing with the elements,” Landon said. “Montana is a wild place. You are often doing what you’re doing for real, you know? When you’re on a horse, there are consequences when you communicate with that animal. So it has a different feeling. Like you are grounded in reality in a different way.” Landon, by the way, got bumped up to a series regular and she’ll be a part of Season 5.