‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Reveals Something About Teeter Not Even Taylor Sheridan Knows

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Jen Landon of Yellowstone has something about her character Teeter that not even Taylor Sheridan knows about. Really? Wait a minute. Sheridan is the guy who has put together this entire series. He’s also the mastermind behind all the storylines. Teeter has been a firebrand in the bunkhouse on Yellowstone. Landon plays her with a lot of energy and sometimes fun.

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Jen Landon Knows Something Taylor Sheridan Does Not Know

What, though, is something that is connected with Teeter that Taylor Sheridan doesn’t know? “Teeter likes activities,” Jen Landon said in a recent interview. “She likes activities. And, the one thing that audience doesn’t know and I don’t even know if Taylor [Sheridan] knows this and I know it from the inside is that Teeter loves monster trucks.” Oh brother. Just wait until Season 5 comes out on the Paramount Network. We probably won’t see Teeter behind the wheel of one of those bad boys.

“Teeter loves monster trucks,” she said. “Loves monster trucks. She loves monster trucks and she likes to go to monster truck shows wherever they are. She wants to see the things go off the high things and land.”

Just imagine, though, a storyline where Teeter goes to a rodeo and becomes a monster truck driver. She did say that she was drawn to the show. Fans of her work know that she has a connection with classic TV. Her father was, yes, Michael Landon of “Bonanza” and “Little House on the Prairie” fame. We get more from ScreenRant.

Actress Took A Break From Acting, Headed Out To Ranch

Sometimes, the rat race of being an actress takes its toll. Years before she would appear on Yellowstone, Landon left the world of Hollywood for a change. She just wanted to not act for a bit. Well, she made quite a change in her life.

During an appearance on The Johnny Dare Morning Show, she talked about this time. It was between 2012 and 2013. “Before I was on the show about, seven years ago, maybe 10 now, I took a break from acting,” Landon said. “I wanted to get out of L.A., and I drove up to Prey, Montana. Didn’t know anything about it, it was just in Paradise Valley, which is where the show is set.”

Well, she ends up joining a ranch in the area. “I lived on a cattle ranch and I watched the grass grow for about two months,” Landon said. “And I feel like there are a lot of people who are on the show who moved out of LA. Every day, I miss that life when I’m not doing it.” All of that living would end up helping her on the show in some way.