‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Says She Had Highly Emotional Reaction to Unforgettable Teeter Moment

by Katie Maloney
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

“Yellowstone” fans are well aware of the ranch branding practices.

The ritual may look brutal. Nevertheless, ranchhands actually strive to achieve the brand. It symbolizes their induction into a family. Actor Jen Landon, who plays Teeter on “Yellowstone” definitely understands the significance of the brand. Teeter arrived at the Dutton Ranch during the second episode of season three. She was a Texan ranch hand who came looking for work. Although she definitely stood out as unique and it took a while for the rest of the ranch hands to warm up to her, Teeter eventually became an integral part of the crew. She even received the infamous “Yellowstone” brand. And Landon couldn’t have been happier for her character. In fact, during an interview, Landon shared that receiving the brand was her main goal for her character.

“My big thing when I came on the show and my dream was I just wanted to get branded, that’s all I wanted, was to get branded,” said Landon.

And when Teeter did finally receive the brand, Landon burst into tears.

“And so episode nine, I’m reading the script I see that I get branded,” said Landon. “And I literally burst into tears like full miss universe ugly cry, it was this huge moment.”

How Did Teeter And Colby Receive The Brand On ‘Yellowstone’?

Most ranch hands have to prove themselves before receiving the brand. So, what did Colby and Teeter do to receive the brand? Well, it was more like what they had to endure. The two of them were off working together when Teeter convinced Colby to go skinny dipping with her. Although reluctant at first, Colby gives in and goes to meet Teeter in the creek. When he arrives, he sees two men on horseback standing above Teeter. The two men are Wade Morrow and his son. Morrow was angry at John Dutton and wanted revenge. Instead of attacking Dutton, he went after vulnerable Colby and Teeter. Morrow and his son began whipping the two ranch hands while they were naked in the creek. They then trampled Teeter and Colby with their horses before leaving them for dead.

Luckily, both of them survived the attack. But the experience was certainly traumatic. Rip Wheeler then gathered the crew of ranch hands to kill Wade and his son. After witnessing the murders of Morrow and his son, Colby and Teeter receive the brand. But nothing bonds two people like a near-death experience. So Landon posed an interesting thought about Teeter’s allegiance moving forward on “Yellowstone.”

“What I think could be interesting is that the loyalty to the brand might come second to the loyalty I have to you,” said Landon as she pointed at Denim Richards, who plays Colby on “Yellowstone.” “And I think that could be an interesting thing.”

Landon elaborated on her thoughts.

“While being branded is a bonding experience, I think it’s a secondary bonding experience to near death,” Landon added.