‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Says Teeter Wouldn’t Want to ‘Settle Down’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

On Yellowstone, Jen Landon plays Teeter, who is one of the bunkhouse crew. She can be a bit tomboy-ish at times and also restless. Maybe that’s one thing that makes Teeter a relatable character to viewers. Yet could you see her simply, well, settling down and putting down roots? It might be a stretch. Hell, even Jen Landon herself isn’t going to buy into any Teeter settling down chatter either.

Don’t Expect Any Settling Down From Teeter, Played By Jen Landon

“Teeter’s not thinking about getting married and settling down,” Landon said. “She’s just…is right now. What’s happening right now. That’s where she is.” Landon also pointed out some of the basic instincts that can come over Teeter.

“Yeah, and it’s like she also is just like this animal part of us that we try so hard to, like, pummel down all day long,” Landon said. “But like she’s just like we’re not. At the end of the day, what motivates us a lot no matter how we want to dress it up are very basic animal needs.” We get more from The Gate.

Now, as part of the show, Landon has to deal with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. She has different perspectives, all good ones, about the man who just extended her to series regular status. Yes, expect to see more Teeter in Season 5 and maybe more bunkhouse madness, too.

Actress Expresses Personal, Professional Endearment For Taylor Sheridan

Still, Landon pointed out what she does like about Sheridan. It can even begin to feel like she’s part of an extended family on Yellowstone.

“Well, I love him professionally and personally to the extent that I’m not sure if I could even pick which part or which relationship with him that I like more,” she said. “The thing that’s the greatest about him and my experience is that he’s so collaborative, he’s so empowering to the actor.”

One other thing she notes is how boundaries are in place around the show and even her character. Yet Landon also said that a “screw the rules” mentality is also there, too.

“There’s a feeling of going rogue when you’re shooting with him,” she said. “And it’s just adventurous and alive and fast and he knows what he wants and he’s so smart and it’s fun.”

She also admits that filming the series doesn’t always feel like you’re shooting a show. But Landon said that it can kind of feel like doing real-life work. “A lot of the time, especially as a member of the bunkhouse boys, you’re dealing with horses and you’re dealing with the elements,” Landon said. “Montana is a wild place. You are often doing what you’re doing for real, you know?”