‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Says Sometimes She’s Like Teeter, Reveals New ‘Toughness’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Actress Jen Landon plays Teeter on Yellowstone and she’s not one to back down. She has some tough edges around her indeed. That character has to really be aggressive sometimes and on her toes as she’s in the bunkhouse. Usually, that’s a space dominated by men. Yet there are women in there on the Dutton ranch. This “toughness,” though, comes from a place where Teeter might have experienced things in life that aren’t pleasant.

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Jen Landon Finds Ways To Show Aggressive Side of Teeter

Landon, though, has thoughts about her character’s mindset and is not like Teeter at all. “No, it’s like maybe not so healthy,” she said. “Like I walk through the world and I had this actually when I was young so I did a lot of martial arts as a kid.”

“And I played a lot of sports so I definitely have an aggressive side,” she said. “It’s like I move through the world. I don’t just want to beat up a decent person. But I walk around hoping that I see somebody doing something wrong to someone else or something bad where I need to protect someone. And I can just see, could I just pummel someone? Would I really beat the crap out of someone? I mean I want to know.” But she does relate to Teeter on some level. We get more from The Gate.

This aggressive side might come out in Teeter sometimes. It appears that the character has to hold up her own while around the fellas. That’s a heavy-duty role to deal with on Yellowstone. But she does it quite well.

Taylor Sheridan Bumps Landon Up To Series Regular Status Ahead of Season 5

And you can expect to see more of Landon as Season 5 will roll out on the Paramount Network in a little bit. Showrunner Taylor Sheridan has made her a series regular. That status will probably put Teeter at the center of more storylines going forward. Fans appear to have fallen in love with her as well.

Landon, as an aside, has been appearing on TV throughout her life. Years ago, when she was a kid, she would sometimes appear on shows that her father was part of back in the day. You might know that her father was Michael Landon.

Yet playing Teeter is cool with Landon. She feels like it is a good fit for her. Landon talked about it in an interview with Screen Rant. It comes down to “balancing” that feminine and masculine energy in Teeter.

“I was talking to somebody earlier about how gender isn’t even a thing for her,” she said. “It’s just not. She’s like pre-societal anything. She’s so animal in that way.”