‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Talks Hardest Thing About Jumping Into Ranch Lifestyle

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Jen Landon opened up about what the hardest thing would be for her to adjust to if she lived a true “ranch” lifestyle.

In the show, we see Jen Landon’s character, Teeter, impress the men on the ranch with her horseriding, wrangling, roping, and cutting skills. These are all things Landon had to learn at Taylor Sheridan’s cowboy camp so she’d be prepared for the show. But how well could she do all these things in real life?

In an interview with The Gate, Landon opened up about what the hardest thing would be for her to do or deal with if she lived a ranch lifestyle.

“What are the hardest things for the ranch? I think there would be a big adjustment period in terms of seeing just dead animals,” Landon shared. “That would be an adjustment period, for me.”

She added, “You know, you don’t see a lot of dead animals in my suburban lifestyle, so I think that would be it. I remember when I was in Texas and I was learning to cut, going on a cattle ranch to go sort cattle and work them, and there were a few dead cows lying around. And I was like, oh. That was a little jarring.”

Aside from seeing dead animals, though, the ranch lifestyle really seems to call to Jen Landon.

“I’ve just been reading a book about this woman, called ‘The Solace of Open Spaces’ that our DP gave to me last season,” Landon explained. “And it’s about a woman who went and worked this ranch life. So I’ve been reading a lot about it and there’s a lot of it that I frankly would rather do than act, to be honest with you. I like that kind of rooted lifestyle.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Describes What ‘Drives’ Teeter on the Dutton Ranch

Earlier this week, “Yellowstone” star Jen Landon sat down for a conversation with Screenrant about her character, Teeter. We met Teeter in Season 3, where she impressed all the ranch hands with her wrangling skills. But other than the fact that she’s from Texarkana, we don’t know anything about her background or history.

Show creator Taylor Sheridan and Landon actually took the time to talk over what they think Teeter’s back story is. And more importantly, what drives her do what she does every single day.

“We had the same idea that Teeter was raised on a sheep farm, [having] older brothers, probably without a mom, a real sense of family,” Landon shared.

“And, I felt like she sort of lost that family to a host of different issues and that she’s been a mobile worker ever since,” Landon continued. “Moving around [from] ranch to ranch, you take jobs here and there, and she’s so crusty and guarded and all that stuff. But she really longs for that sense of family and she’s found that family at the Dutton ranch. And, I’ve always imagined that she doesn’t really want to go anywhere else ever.”