‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon on Throwing ‘Every Dirty Word’ She Knows at Carter

by Matthew Memrick
Paramount Press

When Jen Landon’s “Yellowstone” character played cards and threw out “every dirty word” at Carter, there was a purpose to it.

Landon played cards with the bunkhouse boys in episode 9 of the current season. In a Twitter clip, Landon said she knew the mush-mouthed, foul-mouthed, fearless ranch hand had to establish her presence and poker face at the table for some respect.  

Why not go for the kill and take out the smallest member, Carter? She’s been there before. Well, she was a child actor. With her late father Michael Landon’s “Highway To Heaven” show in the 1980s, she acted in a few episodes and picked up some early experience.

Landon’s Teeter Had To Establish Herself

Off-camera, the 38-year-old Landon knew she had to make a splash with the “Yellowstone” cast and crew.

“I threw every dirty word that I knew at [Finn Little] with the intention of shocking him and horrifying his mother, who was just off-camera,” Landon said. 

Carter seemed a little shocked and amused by Teeter’s foul-mouthed words directed at him. Little’s Carter can read the “Yellowstone” room and know that he’s sitting with a bunch of roughnecks. And with Teeter, the teenager knows he’s must dig in his heels a little to keep some respect.

Carter plays off of Teeter’s assault during the scene, saying, “what’s wrong with her? She bite off her tongue or something?

Teeter bit back at Carter, saying, “F*#k you!”

In the behind-the-scenes Twitter clip, Little enjoyed the fun-loving atmosphere of the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse card game.

“In the bunkhouse, you can sort of just let free and do whatever the hell you want,” he said.

Little lauded Landon for her improvisation skills, saying, “every single take, she was doing a different thing to say to me.”

Yellowstone Kids Liked Landon

Little, just like Brecken Merrill, found a way to pal around with Landon. In an Instagram video back in August, someone asked Merrill who he’d have the most fun with of all the men in the bunkhouse. Merrill’s quick answer was Teeter.

“No contest,” the boy responded. (Okay, she’s not a man, but she’s by far the most “fun”).

Little didn’t hold back in the recent Twitter clip, saying he “loved her” and called her a “really nice lady.”

Landon recognized she had a way with the kiddos on the set too.

“Because it’s “just Jen,” I really got along well with that kid,” Landon said. “He’s great.”

Who knows? As for Little, maybe one day in his future acting career, he’ll get to spew some choice words for a kid actor.

Rip knows Carter has some talent with cards, even recognizing his “hustler” skills.