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‘Yellowstone’ Star John Emmet Tracy Teases a Shocking Finale Unlike Any Other

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The moment that every “Yellowstone” fan has waited for is nearly upon us as the fourth season finale is now just a day away.

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series are at the edges of their seats with anticipation and excitement. We don’t know what the season four finale has for us but practically everyone expects it to be glorious. That includes several “Yellowstone” cast members who have teased another cliffhanging finale. We all remember the third season finale with the Dutton family coming under attack. Fans are left to wonder if their favorite characters are dead or alive when the screen fades to black. Can season four top last season’s thrilling finale? It certainly seems like the “Yellowstone” team is going to try and do just that. How that will look — we just do not know yet. Excitement among the show’s fan base is at an all-time high with the end of the season coming tomorrow (Sunday).

In a recent interview, a “Yellowstone” cast member throws a little fuel on the first with a mega tease. John Emmet Tracy, who plays Ellis Steele, says fans should be expecting the unexpected. The actor couldn’t go into details about plans for the finale, but he says we should be excited.

“I can’t say much about the season four finale, other than the fact that it will be unlike any previous ‘Yellowstone’ season finale,” he says.

Say what?

Tracy’s comments got the attention of “Yellowstone” fans and he shares some more.

“Taylor Sheridan has an unlimited capacity for exploring the potential of these characters, and by the time season four concludes, viewers will see the threads of the story evolved in ways that are not only unexpected but in some cases shocking,” he continues.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Implies ‘Shocking’ Ending to Season Four

Tracy’s words are exactly what “Yellowstone” fans want to hear as we expect a number of twists and turns to close the season. The actor portrays Ellis Steele, a lackey to Market Equities boss Caroline Warner. Could these two new characters be part of the surprise ending?

“The Duttons are facing much stronger outside threats, like Market Equities’ intensified efforts to develop the land, and Garrett Randal’s increasing influence over Jamie and, therefore, the Dutton family,” the actor says. “At the same time, season four is doing much deeper explorations of the relationships between the characters.”

Like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, “Yellowstone” fans feel like something big is coming their way. It could be any number of storylines that the show has introduced us to this season.

While speculating is a favorite pastime of “Yellowstone” fans, we cannot wait to see what Sheridan has for us in the final episode.