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‘Yellowstone’ Star Katherine Cunningham Reveals the Youngest Member of the Cast in Adorable Photo

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Last week on “Yellowstone,” viewers met an unexpected character who finally showed up after a whole season of waiting.

That character was none other than the child of Jamie Dutton and Christina, his former girlfriend and campaign manager. Back in Season 2, they were living together until Jamie made amends with his family. Christina didn’t approve of the Duttons and how they treated Jamie. So while she told him she was pregnant, she also told him that he couldn’t be part of the baby’s life unless he got away from the Duttons.

Throughout all of “Yellowstone” Season 3, nobody mentioned Christina once. Jamie apparently told nobody about her condition. And now, halfway through Season 4, we finally got to meet Jamie’s son.

But here’s a fun twist for “Yellowstone” fans: That baby is the real-life child of Katherine Cunningham, the actress who plays Christina.

Earlier today, the show’s Instagram account shared a photo that Cunningham posted on her own page. It shows her holding her beautiful baby, whose name is May.

“Introducing the youngest member of the @yellowstone cast, my daughter, May!! Working with my daughter was a dream come true. It was a gift I’ll always treasure,” Cunningham wrote in the caption. See the two “Yellowstone” stars for yourself below.

That explains a little bit why Christina didn’t show up last season. Cunningham was pregnant in real life, and while the writers could’ve added that to the storyline, perhaps she wanted to take a break and spend some time with her newborn child.

But now that Christina and Jamie’s child has been introduced on the show, we have a whole other host of problems to unravel.

Will Garrett Randall Use Jamie’s New Family Against Him on ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4?

Last episode, before the surprise family reunion, Jamie found out some incriminating information about his biological father. Apparently, Garrett Randall may have been the one who ordered the attacks on the Dutton family at the end of Season 3.

Jamie interviewed a man named Riggins in prison to see if Garrett was the one who hired him. While “Yellowstone” didn’t outright say it was Garrett in the episode, the way Jamie’s fuming on his way home to Garrett seems to indicate that’s what happened.

But of course, before Jamie can confront Garrett, Christina and the baby reveal themselves. While she’s excited for the chance to have a real family separate from the Duttons, Jamie just seems scared. Will Garrett threaten his newborn child? Or use Jamie’s past against him? Introducing the child and Christina just gave Jamie more people to protect and be hurt by.

For now, we’ll have to wait until this Sunday to find out what Jamie and Garrett will do next.