‘Yellowstone’ Star Katherine Cunningham, Who Plays Jamie’s Girlfriend, Was Also in ‘NCIS’

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

With an all-star cast composing the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” there are plenty of connections to other popular shows.

Kevin Costner, the leading man of “Yellowstone,” has been in numerous recognizable films. Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler, had a big role in the “Fast and Furious” franchise. Jen Landon, who plays Teeter, has played in several films and TV shows, including “Blue Bloods.” The list goes on and on and will only continue to grow as Hollywood discover the immense talent making up the “Yellowstone” cast.

Though she was absent from season three of “Yellowstone,” you might recognize actress Katherine Cunningham from previous roles. On “Yellowstone,” Cunningham plays Christina, Jamie Dutton’s former lover. You may also recognize Cunningham from her appearance in the legal drama “NCIS” in 2017. She appears in an episode titled “M.I.A.” and plays Navy Lieutenant Laura Ellison. Though not exactly a major role, Cunningham’s part on “NCIS” was a nice boost for her acting career. A few of her other credits include “Shameless,” “Chicago Fire” and “Mind Games.”

“Yellowstone” fans are obviously curious to see if Cunningham’s Christina shows up on the Dutton Ranch this season. When we last saw Christina, she was revealing her pregnancy to a stunned Jamie. She then tells him that he must choose between his current family or starting a new family with her. Christina was unexpectedly absent from the third season but it would surprise no one to see her in the upcoming fourth season. Some fans believe that Jamie will indeed spurn his adopted family in the new season.

Many believe Jamie is behind the third-season finale attacks on the Dutton family. Could Christina and his child figure into Jamie’s plans for the future? This is “Yellowstone” we are talking about here — so expect the unexpected.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Believe Actress Dropped Hint

Some “Yellowstone” watchers believe Cunningham hinted in Christina’s return in a social media post last month. In the comments section of a recent “Yellowstone” social media post, Cunningham expresses her excitement over the approaching new season. In a photo teasing the return of the show, she writes “ahhh! Is anyone else excited?”

That is hardly a declaration of her return but perhaps Cunningham is hinting at the return of her “Yellowstone” character.

It would be an interesting twist in a show full of interesting twists. Jamie Dutton is the most unpredictable character on “Yellowstone” and there are many paths he could travel in season four. It is entirely possible that one of those paths leads directly to Christina and his unborn child.

The fourth season of “Yellowstone” is quickly approaching and the show’s massive fan base couldn’t be more excited. Earlier this month, the show revealed that the new season will debut on November 7. It’s a date that most “Yellowstone” fans already have marked in their calendars.