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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Aiming for Lead Actress Emmy Nomination

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

There’s no doubt that Yellowstone has been snubbed in the past, but this year could be entirely different thanks to Kelly Reilly. There are folks talking like the Taylor Sheridan drama could clean up tons of awards in 2022. With a late surge and the popularity of the show at all-time highs, the ceiling doesn’t really exist.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported in an exclusive that Kelly Reilly will represent Yellowstone as the lead actress in a drama category. It will put her up against leads such as Zendaya, Jodie Comer, Jennifer Aniston, Patricia Arquette, Elisabeth Moss, Laura Linney, Sandra Oh, and Melanie Lynskey.

The Yellowstone season focused heavily on the relationship between Reilly’s character Beth and Rip (Cole Hauser). The inclusion of Finn Little as Carter, a troubled child that the couple takes in, was a massive hit as well. The growth of the relationship between the three of them added a new depth to the, at times rough and bumpy, love story.

Season 4 went for it and 11 million people tuned in per episode. Then, as the pandemic and restrictions still lingered, folks picked it up at home. Throw in the success of 1883 and the entire universe Sheridan has started building. By the time the Emmys come in September, there will be few who don’t know Yellowstone and Kelly Reilly.

Beth is the clear heiress to her father, John Dutton’s supposed empire. Her rivalry with her brother Jamie and Kayce’s priorities in conflict with a greater scheme in the Dutton story sets Beth up as… the lead. So, Outsiders know the greatness that is Yellowstone, and the great cast and crew. However, with 20 Emmy submissions, this could be the year of the Duttons.

Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly Sounds Nothing Like Beth Dutton

Something that some fans have a hard time with when it comes to Kelly Reilly is she sounds nothing like her Yellowstone character. The actress hails from Britain. And, according to Luke Grimes, she is “very British.” It’s something that makes people do a double-take if they aren’t ready for it.

“Kelly is a great person to be around,” Grimes said about his costar. “She’s very British, which a lot of people find crazy to hear after hearing her be Beth for so long. She is a very lovely Brit, a very hardworking, generous actress. Her and I don’t get a lot of stuff together. We’ll see if that changes as things start to come to a head. Kelly could not be more lovely.”

That conflict between Jamie and Beth was just getting started really. If Season 4 is able to swipe up a bunch of awards this year, then fans are going to be excited. So, what do we think Season 5 will bring? A lot of things are coming to a head. And John Dutton and his family aren’t going to budge.