‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Explains Why Rip Digging Up His Mom’s Ring Is Perfect for Beth

by Thad Mitchell

The relationship between Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton is one of the most interesting storylines on the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone.”

Their on-again, off-again romance comes to a head in season three with the two characters declaring their love for each other. Unable to muster the courage to ask John Dutton for his daughter’s hand in marriage, it is Beth who proposes to Rip. It is an unforgettable scene that is still etched into the minds of every “Yellowstone” fan. So is Rip’s pursuit of a ring to give to his new fiancee. In one of the show’s most shocking, yet touching, scenes, Rip has his dead mother dug up so that he can retrieve her ring. Rip rarely shows emotion but in conversing with his mother’s corpse, we see a side of the cowboy not often seen. He talks to his dead mother as if she is alive and standing next to him.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Life, “Yellowstone” actress Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) talks about the scene. She also discusses the complex relationship between Rip and Beth and the many factors weighing on their relationship. Reilly says the two characters are building their foundation with love in a not-so-loving world.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Talks About Beth And Rip’s Love

Reilly gives the credit to “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan for the moving scene with Rip and his mother.

“Well, that’s Taylor Sheridan. He’ll find that incredibly beautiful,” she says. “His take on it is that, I mean, I don’t want to speak for him or Cole, but it feels right for the character. He doesn’t have money to go buy Beth a ring. Beth could buy herself diamonds if she wants. Beth doesn’t need anything. The whole him getting down on one knee, and someone videoing it? Beth couldn’t give a f*** about anything like that.”

“Yellowstone” fans are curious to see what the upcoming brand new season will have in store for Rip and Beth. Of course, the first step will be determining if Beth is still alive after she is attacked in the third season finale. She is sent a package bomb that explodes only a few feet from her when her assistant opens the package. The blast is so powerful that it shatters the windows inside the office complex. Most believe Beth will survive the explosion but she could be severely hurt.

It would be hard to imagine Rip Wheeler not seeking out revenge on Beth and the Dutton family’s attackers. Learning who is behind the attack and how Rip and the “Yellowstone” gang will deal with them will be a big part of the season four storyline.

“Yellowstone” fans are certainly hoping to see Rip Wheeler do what he does best and bust some heads. Perhaps after that, we will see the Yellowstone Ranch wedding that practically everyone is rooting for.