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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Heaps High Praise on New Season 4 Cast Addition

by John Jamison
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Beth Dutton may have called Summer Higgins some names that we wouldn’t dare repeat here during tonight’s new episode. But we’ll have you know that Kelly Reilly loves working with Season 4 Yellowstone cast addition Piper Perabo.

‘Yellowstone’ Episode 6 Spoilers Await

You definitely couldn’t pick up on that love watching Beth and Summer interact over breakfast. Don’t get us wrong; the acting was fantastic. But the two characters, how do we put this, have a deep dislike for one another.

Hate’s a strong word. And Beth certainly has hate in her range of emotions (ahem, Jamie). But seeing as her dad looks to really care for Summer, we have to imagine she’ll at least try to come around on them eventually.

That said, the vegan, gluten-intolerant Summer Higgins isn’t making that easy. But behind all the death threats and posturing are two actors who really appreciate one another’s talents.

The Summer Higgins actor shared a photo on her Instagram recently. The image is a behind-the-scenes look at a scene in tonight’s episode. We spotted Kelly Reilly’s name in the replies, and her comment is enough to warm any Yellowstone fan’s heart.

“You are so brilliant and I love working with you Piper ! Xxxx,” wrote Kelly Reilly.

Doesn’t quite sound like Beth, does it? That just goes to Reilly’s talent as an actor, we suppose.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Wes Bentley Claims Kelly Reilly is Sweet as Can Be

For how much Beth Dutton appears to hate Summer Higgins, we can assure you that it’s nowhere close to how she feels about her “brother” Jamie. Even there, though, Wes Bentley had nothing but kind things to say about Kelly Reilly’s personality.

Look, we’re not trying to ruin Beth for y’all. But these are the facts. Kelly Reilly is, by all accounts, a sweet and supportive colleague.

“Well, Kelly herself, not at all. She is one of the sweetest people and sweetest actors. She has to go so far to get to Beth, she does an amazing job. It’s great to watch her,” the Jamie Dutton actor told CinemaBlend.

What’s fascinating about all of this is how much we’re learning about acting. Who knew that chemistry and trust are just as crucial for actors playing characters that despise each other?

It makes sense when you think about it. But on the surface, it seems like you could get more convincing hateful acting out of two characters if the actors themselves dislike one another. Not so for Beth Dutton and the Yellowstone cast.

“She’s very intimidating as Beth, though. I get worked up for these scenes, and then she delivers. But we’re very close; we trust each other. That’s how we get those things done,” Bentley continued.