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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Opens Up About Fans Viewing Her as Beth

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

To hear Kelly Reilly of “Yellowstone” speak, you wouldn’t draw parallels to her onscreen version of Beth Dutton. The British actress is the opposite of the powerhouse character she plays in a lot of ways. But that doesn’t stop fans from stopping her on the street or calling her Beth when she’s seen out in public.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Reilly opened up about how amused she is when fans stop her on the street. Of course, who wouldn’t want to meet Beth Dutton in person? Reilly says fans are always stopping her to give a high five or just to muse about Beth.

“It’s funny. They really believe I am Beth Dutton,” she laughs during the interview.

But the “Yellowstone” actress says she keeps Beth “locked away in a box” when she’s not filming. However, four months out of the year, Reilly gets to transform into the gritty, complicated character Taylor Sheridan wrote so well.

And she plays the part beautifully. Her one-liners especially sting as she brings Beth to life. As perhaps the most fun character to watch on the show, Beth’s loyalty to her father, John Dutton, along with her tenacity to always be one step ahead of her enemies transform into a powerhouse performance. And no one else could bring a realness to the character like Kelly Reilly.

Beth Dutton’s Dilemma Ahead of “Yellowstone” Finale

Ahead of the season four finale, Beth is at a crossroads. She’s completely disappointed her father after he learns that she’s behind the arrest of his one-time lover (Piper Perabo). Beth quips that she doesn’t care if the woman goes to jail for life. But John Dutton tells her he’s disappointed in her. And this stings more than anything.

Beth is left in tears as John tells her, “That’s something I never thought I’d say to you.” She simply responds, “Me neither.”

Then, Beth makes another bad move as she seeks comfort from Walker (Ryan Bingham) instead of her soon to be husband Rip. Rip watches the encounter as Walker sings to Beth while she lets her tears fall. Though it seems innocent, it’s anything but. And Rip knows this.

And Reilly shares that the moment with Walker was definitely difficult to shoot.

“It was a difficult moment to shoot,” Reilly started. “To have that moment with [Walker], she couldn’t share that moment of grief with Rip. It’s almost like she doesn’t want Rip to see that. And for her to truly go there and truly feel, it has to be with someone who’s experienced it and can almost just allow the space for it.”

The two-hour season finale of “Yellowstone” airs tonight on the Paramount Network. If you haven’t watched, you can catch up on every episode leading up to what will surely be another crescendo that only Taylor Sheridan knows how to deliver.