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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Poses With Iconic Willie Nelson Statue in New Pic

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

With her hit television show Yellowstone currently on hiatus, actress Kelly Reilly seems to be enjoying some downtime on the road.

On the hit Paramount Network drama, the veteran actor plays the foul-mouthed cowgirl, Beth Dutton. With a quick wit and a sharp tongue, Beth quickly became a fan favorite of Yellowstone loyalists. She is the only daughter of Dutton family patriarch, John Dutton, and is more than capable of holding her own. Beth’s character arc through the first three seasons has been a primary highlight of the series.

Filming for the upcoming brand new season is all but done, giving Reilly the opportunity to head outdoors and explore. According to her Instagram page, the Yellowstone star is making her way through Texas. Running into a famous monument, Reilly couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a photo with her fans. You should be easily able to identify the statue as a music industry legend.

“Mornin Wille,” she says in the Friday post’s caption space. “Made it to Texas.”

The statue is, of course, an ode to country music icon Willie Nelson. With her loyal canine companion at her side and drink in hand, the photo shows the Yellowstone actress admiring the monument of Nelson. The iconic statue resides in Austin, Texas.

Reilly, it seems, has been on somewhat of a cross-country tour over the last couple of days. On Wednesday she took to social media to give fans a glimpse of her rainy view for the morning. The Yellowstone actress was in East Tennessee visiting the Great Smoky Mountains.

Yellowstone fans are eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite show this summer. Part of the intrigue heading in season four is the status of the Dutton family — especially Beth. While the entire family came under attack, it could be that Beth is the most seriously injured.

Beth is the recipient of a package that turns out to be a bomb that detonates inside of her office when her assistant opens it. She is mere feet from the explosion and it is possible that she perishes due to her proximity to the package bomb. The explosion is so powerful that it busts out all of the windows in her office complex.

While she might not be dead, it is likely she sustains serious injury from the explosions. Yellowstone fans are hoping we haven’t seen the last of Beth Dutton as we await season four.