‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Reacts to Epic Season 5 Trailer

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

After months of waiting, Yellowstone fans were finally treated to the thrilling season five trailer which promises a host of excitement, drama, and suspense as the Duttons make their mark on Montana’s state government. The first few moments of the clip show John Dutton sworn in as the state’s new governor and what follows only builds on the suspense of Yellowstone‘s season four finale. Kelly Reilly, known for her beloved role as Beth Dutton, shared her own excitement about the trailer’s release.

Typically pretty private on social media, Kelly Reilly took to Instagram where she spoke about her and her cast and crew members’ hard work on the brand new season.

“Yellowstone Season 5. November 13th 2 hour premiere on [Paramount Network],” the Yellowstone star reminded fans. “Hope you are all ready for it.”

Reflecting on season five’s creation, she continued, “A whole lot of blood, sweat and tears poured into this one. Such an enormously talented and dedicated group of people who make this show, I am so proud and grateful to be part of it.”

Yellowstone fans, excited to see Beth’s new conquests in the upcoming fifth season, flocked to the comments to praise the actress’s work and that of the cast and crew as a whole.

“Can’t wait!!!! Best show on TV!” one fan commented. Another said, “Such talented people getting together to make a beautiful and wild journey, can’t wait to see it.”

As Kelly Reilly said, be sure to tune in to Paramount Network when the season five premiere of Yellowstone airs on November 13th.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans In a Frenzy After Release of Season 5 Trailer

The season five trailer of Yellowstone just debuted on Thursday, but already, fans of the hit series have taken to Twitter in a frenzy, absolutely exploding with impatience for the premiere.

Yellowstone‘s official Twitter account originally shared the trailer, captioning the long-awaited announcement with, “Power has a price. The official #YellowstoneTV season 5 trailer is HERE! See you on Sunday, November 13. Don’t miss the special two-hour premiere event.”

“So happy to see my favorite show will be back soon,” one fan commented. “Best show ever!!”

Others said the season five trailer “literally” gave them goosebumps, while one promised it’s “Gonna be a helluva season.”

More eagle-eyed fans shared their excitement for some of the small though equally significant scenes that were previewed in flashes toward the end of the trailer.

One Yellowstone fan noticed an unusual moment that shows Beth Dutton and our favorite ranch hand Teeter fighting side by side at the bar.

“I’m intrigued by the scene with Beth and Teeter fighting at the bar,” they wrote. “Looks like they team up and fight some other women! Girl power!”

Another Beth moment sees her sitting in front of the Dutton family’s fireplace when she suddenly whips her head around, looking past what appears to be an urn. Another observant fan said, “When Beth is sitting in front of the fire and she turns around and has a scared look on her face, there is a man holding a gun pointed at her.”

As mentioned, it’s a brief flash, but this same scene also featured in Yellowstone‘s season five teaser several weeks ago which definitely means it’s a significant moment overall.