‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Reveals How Helen Mirren Starring in ‘1932’ Is ‘Full Circle Moment’

by Lauren Boisvert

“Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly recently commented on the franchise in a new interview; this not only included hints about season 5, but she spoke about the new series, “1923,” as well. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren were recently cast as the leads in the additional prequel to “Yellowstone”, and Kelly Reilly mentioned that she worked with Helen Mirren on her very first TV job. For her, this makes everything feel like it’s come full circle.

“Helen Mirren is someone who I did my very, very first TV job [with] called ‘Prime Suspect’ when I was 16 years old,” Reilly said in conversation with Entertainment Tonight. “She was the first professional actor I worked with […] she was incredible, she was fierce and brilliant, and everything I wanted to be as an actor. Full of courage and heart […] and the fact that she is such a big fan of the ‘Yellowstone’ universe […] and the fact that she is now going to be playing one of Beth Dutton’s ancestors, it’s a really sweet thing.”

It seems like everything really is coming full circle; Kelly Reilly, while not working directly with Hellen Mirren, is connected to her through her character, Beth Dutton. She did say she’d love to be part of “1932,” though. While we don’t have exact details on Ford’s and Mirren’s characters, we’re assuming they’re going to play Duttons. There is some speculation that Harrison Ford will play John Dutton Sr. as an older man. On “1883,” John Dutton was portrayed by 5-year-old Audie Rick. Nothing is set in stone yet, of course.

Kelly Reilly Talks ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1932,’ Plus Explains Beth’s ‘Old Fashioned Values’

While speaking about “Yellowstone” season 5, Kelly Reilly also explained what it might be like for Beth and Rip; they’re officially a married couple now, how will things change? When asked if things will be different for the pair, or if they’ll stay relatively the same, Reilly answered, “In a strange way I think Beth is quite old fashioned in her values somewhere. And I think the fact that this man is now her husband, it holds a lot of power in her.”

She continued, “But he’s always been her guy, since she was 16 years old,” mentioning Beth and Rip’s first meeting as teenagers. “He’s the only man other than her father that she’s ever loved. So the fact that now it’s official, in God’s eyes, it’s something that I think she’s incredibly proud of. And I think it probably gives her a little bit more stability.”

Beth now has more freedom to focus on other endeavors, now that she’s married. She doesn’t have to worry about keeping Rip, because she has him, has always had him. They’ve cemented their bond; now she can put her energy into something that might get the family ranch out of hot water. We’ll see if things go right, or if they continue to go horribly wrong, as they are wont to do on “Yellowstone.”