‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Reveals Unseen Backstory About Beth After Season 3 Finale Explosion

by Leanne Stahulak

When “Yellowstone” Season 4 debuted last weekend, the main thing fans wanted to know was whether the Dutton family survived the attacks on them. Specifically, did Beth Dutton survive the explosion that blew apart her office?


Shortly into Episode 1, titled “Half the Money,” we found out the answer to that question. Yes, Beth did survive, but with severe physical injuries. When she emerged from the destroyed Schwartz & Meyer building covered in scars and burns, she seemed almost like a ghost.

But eventually, the episode fast-forwarded past the direct aftermath of the explosion. We see Beth again when she visits her father John in the hospital, and that’s where we learn that two months have passed.

When talking with Parade, “Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth, revealed what happened to her during the two-month gap.

“What I loved when I read that episode was, obviously, there’s a two-month jump. Taylor [Sheridan] said she’s been in the hospital for two months, too,” Reilly explained.

“She’s had all those skin grafts and she probably went to the best surgeon to get her face fixed. But she was messed up, and then you think that she’s fine when you see her, and by the end of the episode you realize, ‘Oh, she really did suffer.'”

At the end of the episode, we see Beth and her fiancee, Rip Wheeler, in bed together. Beth’s whole back is exposed, showing the burns on her body and how much physical pain she must’ve been in (and could still be in).

But no matter how much Beth suffered, we know that the person who did this to her will suffer even more when Rip finds them. He’s out for revenge this season. And hopefully, he takes someone to the train station by the end of it.

What Do We Know About the People Who Attacked the Duttons on ‘Yellowstone?’

At the end of “Yellowstone” Season 3, Beth’s office exploded and both John and Kayce got shot. Not to mention that attackers overran the ranch and threatened Monica and Tate. While most of the principal attackers died, some got away, and someone had to order them to do it.

The Duttons will do anything to figure out who put their family in danger. Kayce suspects the militia from Season 2 who kidnapped Tate. John agrees, but he must also suspect Market Equities. The company has too much skin in the game not to take a jab at them.

But the most promising lead actually comes from Chairman Thomas Rainwater. Traditionally, the reservation and Duttons have butt heads in the past. But now, they’re working together to take on this new threat. And during Season 4 Episode 1, Rainwater found a lead on the Dutton attackers from someone playing in his casino.

Will we find out what the person told Rainwater and Mo? We’ll have to wait until Sunday’s new “Yellowstone” episode to find out.