‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Reveals Why Fans Will See Beth ‘Squirm’ in Season 5

by Shelby Scott
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

For four seasons of Yellowstone, Kelly Reilly’s character Beth Dutton has managed to evade the law and the consequences of her actions. And that’s despite their severity. Things, however, took a turn Sunday night during the latest episode. The end of episode three saw the new sheriff in town, Bill Ramsey (Rob Kirkland), arrest Beth for aggravated assault. The charges came after she smashed a glass bottle over another woman’s head. As we wait to see what comes next for the conflict-driven character, her actress is speaking out about how Yellowstone Season 5 will see Beth “squirm.”

Speaking with Town & Country, Reilly teased, “Later this season there are going to be some really great episodes and moments where it may not be going her way, and she gets herself into a little bit of trouble, and it’s out of her recklessness.”

The actress added, “We get to see Beth squirm a bit, which is interesting to see how that plays out.”

After watching Kelly Reilly’s performance in the third episode of Yellowstone’s fifth season, “Tall Drink of Water,” we may just begin to see Beth squirm. For once, she’s been forced to reckon with the consequences of her actions, the new sheriff hauling her off to the police station after Beth initiated the bar fight. While her name has typically gotten her out of trouble before, Sheriff Ramsey seems intent on making sure Beth, not to mention any other law-breaking Duttons, faces legal action. 

Kelly Reilly Hopes Her ‘Yellowstone’ Character Can Eventually ‘Find Peace’

As Kelly Reilly pointed out during her interview, Beth Dutton lives off of conflict.

“She has to feed off it,” the Yellowstone star said. “She gets energy from it.” 

However, despite being one of her major character traits, Reilly shared while speaking with the news outlet that she hopes her character can eventually “find peace.”

“[She’s] Haunted by herself, haunted by her own actions, inactions maybe,” she continued. “That’s not something that you suddenly, over one season, just [get over and] find happiness. So I relate to the fact that there are things that she can’t get over.” 

Reilly shared a sweet vision she has for her character and her onscreen partner Cole Hauser as Yellowstone, eventually, comes to an end. Reflecting on the character’s enduring relationship, the Beth Dutton actress admitted, “There is a version in my mind where [Beth] and Rip just go build a house together somewhere and live quietly.” 

Unfortunately, for hopeful Yellowstone fans—and for the foreseeable future—the world in which Kelly Reilly’s character lives will continue to burn. Reilly concluded, “right now, [Beth’s] world is pretty much on fire.” And with series creator Taylor Sheridan at the helm, we don’t see any kind of happy endings any time soon.