‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Speaks on How Kevin Costner’s Gotten Better With Age

by Lauren Boisvert

Like a lot of us, Kelly Reilly is a fan of Kevin Costner, but unlike a lot of us, she gets to be a fan while working alongside him on “Yellowstone,” and we’re left perpetually jealous. Speaking of her co-star recently to The Wrap, Reilly noted that Costner has aged like a fine wine, if not in so many words.

“You’re only as good as the other actors that you’re in a scene with, and Kevin [Costner] is just so charismatic, and he can just break your heart with his stillness,” she shared. “He’s got such a weight to him now as he’s older, I love just seeing the lines on his face.”

Essentially, Costner’s abilities have only gotten better as he’s aged. Sure, he was amazing as a young man–think “Dances With Wolves” or “Field of Dreams”–but there’s something about his presence now that transcends his younger days. It’s like Kelly Reilly said, his stillness and pensive moments are the ones that stay with us.

Costner is a force, but one that treads softly. It’s in his voice, his minute facial expressions, that portrays the power that John Dutton has on “Yellowstone.” This is turning into a love letter to Kevin Costner’s acting abilities, but, honestly, he deserves it.

Kelly Reilly Talks Kevin Costner’s Acting on ‘Yellowstone’, Plus How She Found Her Own Confidence As Beth Dutton

Speaking of deserving recognition, Kelly Reilly’s acting needs some love, too, not to mention some awards. The leading actress also spoke about her own character in conversation with The Wrap. She touched on the challenges of finding Beth Dutton within herself, and how she approached the character. She also revealed that initially, she didn’t think she had the part locked down. Now, we can’t imagine anyone else as Beth Dutton.

“I kept to myself the first couple of years, just sort of hid in the role, mostly just to convince myself that I could pull it off,” said Reilly. She commented on her inspiration for Beth, and her approach to the character as well. “I approached her like Lady Macbeth,” she explained. “But the amount of color I get to play with her is, as an actor, a real gift. Beth is the most challenging role I’ve ever had to play.”

And that’s coming from someone who had to wear a corset in “Pride & Prejudice.” But, it makes sense that Beth is taxing; she’s emotionally distant, manipulative, conniving, and dangerous. She’d take a toll on anyone portraying her, but Kelly Reilly seems to take her in stride. Again, we can’t imagine anyone else playing that role, not now that we’ve seen what Kelly Reilly can do; she makes it look so easy.