‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly ‘Takes Care of Business’ in New Photo

by Thad Mitchell

The brand new season of “Yellowstone” is everything that fans hoped for and a big reason for that is the performance of Kelly Reilly.

“Yellowstone” fans know Kelly Reilly as the uber-confident and trash-talk extraordinaire Beth Dutton. Reilly easily makes Beth one of the favorites of the show’s robust fan base. It’s been an exciting season for Beth and thus Kelly Reilly as well. With her social media usage, Reilly has been able to keep “Yellowstone” viewers engaged through the week before a new episode lands each Sunday night. In her most recent social media post, Reilly shares an awesome photo of Beth as she “takes care of business,” something we all know she does very well.

“Taking care of business…Sunday,” she says as she tags the “Yellowstone” Instagram page in her post.

The photo represents everything we love about Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton. With a cigarette burning in her right hand, she props her feet up onto the desk because she knows who is in charge. It’s the fierce stare into the camera though that makes this ultimate Beth Dutton photo though. Does that look like someone who you would want to mess with? We have seen what happens to people who try Beth and her beloved “Yellowstone” Ranch. It typically does not end well for them unless Beth has a little pity for them — which she rarely does.

Numerous “Yellowstone” fans used the comments section of the post to sound off on the photo. It is safe to say that commenters love this Kelly Reilly Pose.

 “Girl, when you lit that cigarette after walking out of your office building and sitting on the curb I was like ‘wow I feel that,'” an Instagram user says.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Has Been a Wild Ride For Beth Dutton

We are only halfway through the fourth season of “Yellowstone” and we have already seen Beth go through a lot.

The first time we see Beth in season four, we learn she survives the exploding bomb inside her office complex. She walks out of the building, visibly shaken, but pulls it together and asks a young man for a cigarette. While Beth survived the explosion, she is heavily scarred as we would later see.

Waiting for her father, John Dutton, to recover, she meets the recently orphaned Carter. His situation seems to have awoken her motherly instincts as she bonds with the young boy. That wouldn’t last long as Carter makes a bold move to test Beth’s limits. Despite this, she and Rip Wheeler allow Carter to stay on the “Yellowstone” Ranch. It is a different side of Beth that we have not seen through three seasons.

The most recent episode saw Beth accept a position with Market Equities. You can rest assured we’ve not seen the last of this situation.

The next episode of “Yellowstone” is set for tomorrow (Sunday) evening.