‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Talks Going ‘Full Pelt’ in Portraying Beth Dutton

by Chris Haney

During a recent interview with Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly, the Beth Dutton actress opened up about portraying the hard-nosed businesswoman.

If you’re reading, consider this your fair warning for spoiler alerts ahead about Season 3. If you haven’t caught up on the Paramount Network’s hit TV show by now, then what are you doing with yourself? Quit reading and start streaming the first three seasons on Peacock, the exclusive home to Yellowstone episodes. Now, back to Beth Dutton who left fans in a frenzy as the third season came to an end.

As Season 3 wrapped up in the summer of 2020, Yellowstone fans are left to think that Dutton perished in an office explosion. It would be a harsh end for John Dutton‘s foul-mouthed daughter. So fans have been eager for the fourth season to begin to find out Beth’s fate. While we wait for Season 4 to arrive, Kelly Reilly spoke to Men’s Health recently about her fierce character and how she goes about portraying her.

“Honestly, and I know actors say this all the time, it is a feast for me,” Reilly told Men’s Health. “It’s such an honor to be able to get closer to the edge of things when Beth gets to the point where you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s a bit too much.’ ‘Oh, should I just stop on that a little bit?’ That’s when I’m in the sweet spot of where Beth exists.”

“If I step off it, then that’s not true to who it is,” she added. “I can do several different takes where I can soften something, or I can really go full pelt at something to give them options in the edit. Ultimately, they always pick the harder version, the tougher version, the more explicit.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Teases More Flashback Storylines

Unfortunately, Yellowstone‘s Season 4 premiere date was pushed back to November. Therefore viewers will have to wait a little longer to find out if fan-favorite Beth Dutton survived the explosion.

While Kelly Reilly didn’t reveal much about the new season and if she survived, the actress did share that more flashbacks are on the way in the new season. She spoke about some of the plot lines in the series, including her complex relationship with her brother Jamie.

“This isn’t just sibling rivalry. [Director] Taylor [Sheridan] told me. He told me what it was. I’ve always known since Season One pretty much what that was. When people were hating on Beth going, ‘She’s awful to Jamie.’ I was like, ‘Gosh, if you only knew,’” the Yellowstone star explained.

“I was so thrilled that it was actually going to come out in a storyline to kind of explain it. I love that he uses flashbacks and their history. He doesn’t give it to you all at the beginning. There’s more to come. There’s way more to come. You think that’s it, there’s a lot more history. There are lots of ghosts in this show,” Reilly said.