‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Wasn’t Sure If She Was Right for Beth Dutton

by Lauren Boisvert

Kelly Reilly recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her character, Beth Dutton on “Yellowstone”, and what makes her such a beast of a character. Reilly revealed that, at first, she wasn’t sure if she could handle Beth.

“It took me a while to really find [Beth],” said Reilly. “When I first met [Taylor Sheridan] I hadn’t found her yet, so I’m not sure what he saw. I do remember having a wobble moment where I thought ‘I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to pull this off.’ Because it is such a tremendously complicated role. I wasn’t sure if I was the right person for it.”

She also spoke about Taylor Sheridan’s influence on her portrayal of Beth, and how he helped get her to a place where she understood her character. “[Taylor Sheridan] would just fill my head – he would call me up at midnight and be like ‘here’s what you need to know about Beth.’ And I have notebooks and journals, literally, I would be writing everything down that he would tell me, I still have them.”

Reilly revealed that she wanted to prove to Sheridan that she could play this character. She said, “Beth is Taylor’s creation, and all I ever wanted to do was show him that I could do it, and make her real for him. Because it is such a bold, brave character.

“So that audition, and just what he saw in me I have no idea,” Reilly continued. “But I do remember once I got it, I got it.”

‘Yellowstone’ Teases Tense, Emotional Finale

There are a few different loose threads that need to be tied up on “Yellowstone”, but it’s possible the show is just unraveling them further. In a new trailer for the finale, airing tonight, January 2, “Yellowstone” promises emotions running high, and the beginning of a long fight.

The trailer opens with John Dutton declaring a “long fight.” Rip tells Beth that if she needs someone to take care of her, he’ll do it. But Beth seems hell-bent on getting something done herself. Caroline Warner is sending someone to prison, Jamie breaks down, and Kayce freaks out. All in all, we’re in for a wild right tonight.

It also looks like Jimmy is going back to the ranch; he’s been doing really well at Four-Sixes. He has respect, he has a new girlfriend, and he’s feeling confident in himself for the first time in a while. So, he’s ready to go home. Only, it looks like Mia is back as well. She appears to be screaming at Jimmy to “choose” between her or Emily; here’s hoping he makes the right choice.

Kayce’s freak out could be in relation to his Vision Quest; we ended the last episode with the beginning of his ceremony, and hopefully, we get to see some of it in real-time, not just in flashbacks.