‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Opens Up About What Draws Viewers to the Show

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone‘s own Monica Dutton, Kelsey Asbille, truly believes in the heart of Yellowstone and what Taylor Sheridan has created.

Paramount’s runaway hit has become an enormous part of actor Kelsey Asbille‘s life. As Monica Dutton, she’s integral to the story of Yellowstone; something she cherishes. But like any blockbuster property’s affect on the talent involved, Yellowstone has spilled over completely into Asbille’s day-to-day life. And she couldn’t be more thankful for it.

“It’s really unreal. I haven’t had an experience like this,” Asbille offers to Daily Caller with a smile ahead of Season 4. “And let me tell you, when I go home to South Carolina I can really feel the difference,” she laughs.

“It really means a lot, honestly. People really connect, and they just love the show,” she beams of Yellowstone fans. “I really think it has to do with the world that Taylor has created.”

Taylor, of course, is the show’s mastermind, Taylor Sheridan. He’s the creative genius behind “this screwed up family that we really love and are invested in,” Asbille grins. And she’s absolutely right on all fronts.

But Sheridan has imbued Yellowstone with so much more, something that’s deeply personal to Kelsey Asbille. The man has redefined the Modern Western, and while doing so has brought the contemporary issues Native Americans face to the forefront. To be a part of this, the Monica Dutton actor says she is “really proud of it.”

Kelsey Asbille: ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 is ‘Going to Get Dark’ for Kayce & Monica

The 30-year-old actor is definitely a Yellowstone fan herself, too. So much so, in fact, that she’s chomping at the bit to see how all the pieces come together.

“We really pick up right where we left off, and it’s kind of a crazy opening,” Asbille continues for Daily Caller.

What, then, does this mean for Monica and Kayce’s relationship? To say these two have had a rocky go of it would be an understatement. And when we last left Kayce, he was being gunned down – or so audiences were led to believe.

“It’s going to get dark and they’re going to have it out,” the Yellowstone actor adds. Any fans looking for closure soon, however, will have to strap in and hold onto those cowboy hats a good bit longer.

“The end of this season for Kayce and Monica is the biggest cliffhanger they’ve had so far,” Asbille cites. How is that even possible? What could possibly top the abduction of their only child?

Many fans believe Kayce and Monica are set to be pitted against one another as the rivalry of their people comes to a climax. This Outsider, however, hopes they can make it work. If not for each other, then at least for the sake of tiny Tate Dutton.

Yellowstone Season 4 hits Paramount Network Sunday, November 7 with a two-hour premiere.