‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Reveals What’s Truly ‘Important to Monica’

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” star Kelsey Asbille gave fans a deep dive into her character Monica and what we can expect from her this season.

When we left off with Monica in Season 3, she and Kayce had decided to keep Tate home at the ranch instead of sending him to school. She’d also just helped Chairman Rainwater and the Broken Rock Reservation catch a serial rapist/killer who targeted indigenous women. So, what’s in store for Monica in “Yellowstone” Season 4?


Processing some trauma, and helping her son do the same, from the sound of it. So far in Season 4, all we’ve seen of Monica is her getting attacked at the ranch. It took Tate shooting a guy for them to escape to safety. Since then, we haven’t seen either Tate or Monica.

“She has seen some stuff,” Asbille revealed to CBR. But at the end of the day, Monica’s arc revolves around one thing.

“For me, what’s important to Monica is to be a good mother,” Asbille continued. “That’s always been really important to me as an actor and making sure that that relationship with Tate is of the utmost importance. Taylor Sheridan definitely gives you some challenges of what new catastrophe Monica has to deal with. So I would also say that heightened level of reality, I feel really used to now.”

Throughout several seasons of “Yellowstone,” we’ve all watched Monica grow as a character. She used to have a clear-cut view of Kayce’s family and the Dutton Ranch, but things have changed since she started living there. She understands the importance of the ranch to the family, and what they’ll do to keep it. And she sees how Tate’s future ties up in it too, instigating her protective, mothering instincts.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 to End on a Cliffhanger

During her interview with CBR, “Yellowstone” star Kelsey Asbille also revealed a key tidbit about the conclusion to Season 4.

“The ending, though, is really crazy… Kayce and Monica have a pretty good cliffhanger. That’s all I gotta say,” Asbille told the outlet.

Poor “Yellowstone” fans. After a year and a half of waiting for this current season, now it sounds like they’ll be on the edge of their seats once more. Hopefully, the show’s crew can get a head start on filming Season 5 soon so we don’t all have to wait as long.

But a cliffhanger definitely implies a Season 5 coming. Taylor Sheridan wouldn’t just leave us hanging like that, after all. While Paramount hasn’t officially announced a new fifth season, it’s safe to assume that the massive success of “Yellowstone” will convince the network to give it the green light. There are still so many storylines the show can follow, after all, even after the events of Season 4 go down.