‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Reveals Who’s the Funniest

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

For being such a serious show, with land grabs and murder and business battles, “Yellowstone” also contains moments of pure joy for the cast members.

Kelsey Asbille, who plays Monica Dutton on the show, spilled the beans on what goes on behind the scenes when people fall out of character. She recently talked with Taste of Country about Season 4 and how filming went.

“It’s a really fun group, and we just really like spending time with each other,” Asbille revealed. “Especially this past season, because we were kind of in a bubble. We were one of the first shows to start production during the pandemic, so really, all we could see was each other.”

“Yellowstone” cast and crew wrapped filming in November 2020, likely starting sometime in the summer or early fall. The pandemic pushed the Season 4 release date back, much to the ire of fans. But it also allowed for some great build-up over the last year.

“It was lovely, man,” Asbille said of spending so much time with the cast. “We have a great time. Nothing too exciting, we just like hanging out.”

Asbille even opened up about who she considers to be one of the funniest cast members on set.

“They should do a reel, honestly,” the “Yellowstone” star said. “There is a lot of laughter that you would not expect, especially with Luke [Grimes]. Luke can get the whole crew laughing very easily. So yeah, I would say a lot of our outtakes … we have fun, despite the circumstances.”

I’m about to start a petition to see this “Yellowstone” outtakes reel. But also, can we acknowledge that Kayce Dutton, a serious cowboy who rarely smiles, has been named the funniest guy on set? We’d like to see that outtakes reel for proof, please and thank you.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Teases New Character Joining Cast Next Episode

Speaking of Kelsey Asbille, we haven’t seen too much of her and Brecken Merril, the actor for Tate, this season. They experienced some serious trauma during “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 1 after Tate had to kill a man trying to hurt his mother.

Eventually, Kayce moved them out of the Dutton Ranch and back to Monica’s grandfather’s house. They’ve slowly started to heal while reconnecting with their people. But in this next episode, it looks like Tate’s path towards healing will get even better.

Merrill posted a photo of the newest “Yellowstone” cast member earlier this week on Instagram.

“Let’s goooooo! Excited for you all to meet the newest cast member this week on @yellowstone 😉🐶 Raise your hand if you’ve been wanting Tate to get a dog,” Merrill captioned the post. Per one of Merrill’s comments, “Her name is Lena. She was a working cattle dog before breaking into Hollywood.”

Is it Sunday yet? I think we could all use some Tate and Lena scenes ASAP.