‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille Says Season 4 ‘Really Hit Different’

by Courtney Blackann

Though “Yellowstone’s” season 4 concluded in January, it feels like it just ended, leaving us all wanting more. And we’re not the only ones. Actress Kelsey Asbille recently discussed Taylor Sheridan’s latest drama series and how the last season just seemed to “hit different.”

In an interview with Harpers-Bazaar, the “Yellowstone” actress opened up about filming, her character growth and how she felt about the latest season of the popular Western.

And while Asbille’s character garners some criticism, Asbille defends Monica, saying she’s just super devoted to making their family work.

But when talking about filming season 4, Asbille shared that the drama definitely felt different than the previous three seasons.

“This season has really hit different,” she says. “The reaction to the show has blown me away. We’re all just really excited to jump back in and keep telling this story. No intel to report [as for next season], just trying to avoid Rip’s Train Station tours!”

“Yellowstone” had a quiet first season when it came to fan reactions. But people caught on pretty quickly and the series did wonders for the Paramount+ streaming service. The show has been renewed for season five which should premiere this summer.

“Yellowstone’s” Kelsey Asbille on Character Development

Creator Taylor Sheridan also has a number of other projects in the works for the streaming service, which includes spinoffs “1932” and “6666.” The 19th century Western following the early Duttons “1883” also had a wildly successful following.

And it’s all thanks to “Yellowstone.” And Kelsey Asbille has been central to that success. Having worked with Taylor Sheridan before on his thriller “Wind River,” the actress is confident in Sheridan’s projects.

And as for Monica, she says she enjoys where that story is developing.

“For me, what’s important to Monica is to be a good mother,” Asbille continued. “That’s always been really important to me as an actor and making sure that that relationship with Tate is of the utmost importance. Taylor Sheridan definitely gives you some challenges of what new catastrophe Monica has to deal with. So I would also say that heightened level of reality, I feel really used to now.”

During season 4 of “Yellowstone,” Monica has to overcome the fact that her son shot an intruder on the Dutton ranch in order to save her. Living in fear is something she’s unwilling to do and soon, both she and Kayce move off the ranch and find a home of their own.

It’s there that the two find themselves again and Monica announces she’s pregnant with a second child. But season 5 of the series will take a different turn after we learn from Kayce’s vision quest that he and Monica’s relationship may be on the rocks more than they initially thought.

All we can do now is wait for this summer when season 5 of “Yellowstone” will likely surprise us all.