‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelsey Asbille on Why Show Now Feels Like a ‘Traveling Circus Troupe’

by Lauren Boisvert

You may consider the “Yellowstone” cast a family, and they are that, but star Kelsey Asbille thinks of them more as a traveling circus. She said as much in conversation with Taste of Country recently, where she spoke about how the “Yellowstone” set is a joyful, happy place to work, despite the show’s dark themes–such as Kayce’s “end of us” vision quest, which Asbille shared she knows the secret to.

Kelsey Asbille–who plays Monica Dutton on “Yellowstone”–expressed her love and respect for everyone she works with on “Yellowstone.” She attributed the cast’s personal and working relationships to the atmosphere and culture Taylor Sheridan fosters on set.

“I think he really […] at this point, we’re like a little traveling circus troupe, you know?” she said. “And that’s really, really special. I really love these people, and I think also because he always, he brings us back. There’s a certain loyalty and familial quality to all of his sets that, even though we are covering pretty tough subject matter, we’re in it together. I would say we have a lot of fun off-set as well, to make up for the dark themes.”

It seems like the cast has so much fun on and off-set almost to counter-balance the dark subject matter that “Yellowstone” covers. A lot of the characters hate or strongly dislike each other, or get into violent brawls and arguments, and that can be taxing on actors. Kelsey Asbille has also said that her character isn’t safe in season 5, which we can only imagine what that’s going to mean. So, they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to show that they really do appreciate each other. That’s something special that all TV shows should take note of.

Kelsey Asbille Shares Love For ‘Yellowstone’ Castmates, While Kelly Reilly Speculates on Season 5

“Yellowstone” season 5, while not right around the corner per se, is close enough that we can almost smell what we imagine is the delightful aroma of the Dutton ranch. In conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Beth Dutton star Kelly Reilly spoke about the challenges of “Yellowstone” season 5.

“Well, it’s always that sort of […] the problem is how do we top it every year?” she explained. “Some of the same challenges, protecting the land, looking after my father, protecting him. And just when I think Beth might be trying to mellow down a bit, she’s a married woman. That’s not happening. I mean, the married woman part is happening, but the calming down. So, the fierceness is legitimately leveling up.”

It’s hard to imagine how much more fierce Kelly Reilly‘s Beth could get; she’s already manipulated her half-brother Jamie into killing his biological father and has the blackmail to prove it. She also got Summer arrested, though John swooped in at the last moment and saved her from life in prison. Beth is already so hell-bent, just in general. Will she put that energy into being married, now? Or will it be business as usual for Beth Dutton–manipulation, scare tactics, and bribery all in the name of saving the ranch?