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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Bags Ducks on Arkansas Hunt With Sons

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Kevin Costner recently found some nice Arkansas downtime with his sons, and the “Yellowstone” actor may have even bagged a few ducks.

The Arkansas Democrat and Gazette reported that Costner was in the state earlier in December with stops in Hot Springs, Searcy, Weiner, and DeWitt.

On one visit, the star and some buddies went duck hunting. Costner looked to be having fun posing in a few Facebook and Twitter posts. The actor is a big duck hunter and loves hunting in the rain.

Costner Gets Arkansas Hunting License

On Dec. 9, Trader Bill’s Outdoor Sports part-owner Reji Short said he helped Costner with a license when the man came to Hot Springs. Rick Williams, a friend to both men, helped get Costner in touch with Short.

While Trader Bill’s was closed late that day, Short met Costner, Williams, and the actor’s sons to make arrangements.

“He’s big into duck hunting. He already had his federal stamp on the back of his California license,” Short told the newspaper. “They were planning on hunting Friday, and one of his friends said it was going to rain, and Costner said, ‘I love to hunt in the rain.’”

After a few minutes, Short got the chance to introduce his mother-in-law, Becky Elliott, to the “Yellowstone” actor. The two talked got an opportunity to share 10 minutes with Costner holding her hand and the two talking dog stories. Short, a big fan of the Paramount+ show, got a quick chance to ask Costner about what happens in the next episode.

Short said that the actor “laughed and got a kick (out of the question),” Short said.

While in Arkansas, the newspaper reported that Kevin Costner visited the new Harding University indoor practice facility in Searcy. Last year, the star announced that he’s planning on a Hot Springs museum with his movie and music memorabilia.  

“I don’t know why [I chose Hot Springs], but I have,” he told Storme Warren during a June 19, 2020, interview on Sirius XM Radio’s “The Highway.” 

The actor joked that residents would “probably put up big barrricades” when they found out. But he came, and residents didn’t gather up any pitchforks to run him out of town. Costner said he’s really “dug” the Hot Springs history, saying it’s “kind of like a little Switzerland.” 

If Costner Were Not Acting, He’d Own A Hunting Lodge

In 2007, the actor told The Daily Mail that he liked to hunt, fish for trout, and canoe on his 160-acre Colorado ranch.

The “Yellowstone” actor said he “would own a hunting or fishing lodge if he didn’t act.”

The man loves the outdoors life, saying to the website, “It’s beautiful and exciting, but it’s also dangerous.”

Back then, he said he found a bear in his house garage on time. The mother bear and her cub looked for refuge at the ranch. The bear family split up with the cub running on the house porch and the mom getting chased by Costner’s dogs. Ultimately, no one was hurt, “but it’s always risky in the wilds.”