‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Believes One Aspect Is Unrealistic

by Leanne Stahulak

Several people praise “Yellowstone” for its authenticity, but star Kevin Costner admits that one aspect of it is definitely a bit exaggerated.

Costner recently sat down with Express to talk about the show. At one point, he discussed how fans think certain parts of the show are “cliche” and made for television. But Kevin Costner only sees one part of “Yellowstone” that could be deemed cliche or “unrealistic.”

“The only thing that is not realistic is how many people we murder,” Costner told the outlet. “That’s a function of heightened television and all that. But if you strip that part away that has to be there on a level of entertainment of how broad you can go, everything reduces itself down.”

We do see quite a number of deaths on the Western. From people taken to the train station to accidental murders to self-defense killings to executions. The people at the “Yellowstone” have as much blood on their hands as any other TV character.

But take that away, and we see what Costner sees: Rawness and authenticity. What some “Yellowstone” fans call cliche, Kevin Costner calls realness.

Neither Kevin Costner nor Express dived into what, exactly, “Yellowstone” fans considered cliche about the show. Perhaps it was the murders they get away with or the way some characters treat each other. But in Costner’s mind, all that fades away when you focus on how you can relate to the characters.

“I mean, the loyalty that Cole [Hauser’s] character shows mine, think about it,” Costner said. “When anyone changes the trajectory of your life as a young person, falling away without a family and suddenly coming into one and being treated roughly at first but with a nature of love, there’s no cliche about his loyalty. It’s not about cliche at all. That’s a thing he can’t escape and Cole brings that into every scene.”

It’s true. We’ve likely all been in Rip Wheeler’s shoes at some point, desperately wanting to be accepted or fit in. When John Dutton provides that for Rip, Rip answers with unwavering loyalty.

Costner also brought up how some people make too big of a connection between the actors and the characters they play on-screen. We doubt Cole Hauser really murders people for Kevin Costner, as is depicted on the show.

“I made a movie called Tin Cup and everybody thinks I came in second at the US Open,” Costner shared with Express. “So when I go out and play in front of people, they go, ‘God he’s just not that good.’”

Sometimes, at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that these shows are for our entertainment. We can certainly learn a lot from them, but we’re meant to enjoy them as well.