‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Brought His Father’s Gun to Show n’ Tell As a Kid

by Thad Mitchell

When it comes to the ranks of television and film actors, at the very top is where you will find Yellowstone leading man Kevin Costner. And the actor found his love for movies and westerns early in life.

A Hollywood icon, Costner has an acting career that spans several decades and he is still going strong. On Yellowstone, Costner plays lead character John Dutton, an aging cowboys doing his best to hang on to his way of life.

Costner has a lengthy history with western-style films and television shows, with Yellowstone being his latest. The show’s writers describe Yellowstone as a “modern western drama” and it is a tag that fits perfectly.

Speaking to a large crowd at the 2019 Western Heritage Awards Ceremony, Costner spoke at length about his love of the genre. Addressing topics such as his Oklahoma heritage and his childhood, Costner told several stories that drew the attention of the audience. It was the Yellowstone star’s story about his first “show and tell” that drew a round of laughter amongst listeners. Costner brought an unusual item to school that day to show off to his classmates. He says the incident shows his love for western themes even at a young age.

“I was growing, and a year later I was 5-years-old,” he recalls as he shares the story. “And on my first day of sharing in kindergarten, I was sent home with a note on my shirt. I couldn’t read, so I guess that was the point. We were told to bring our favorite thing to share, the thing that we love the most.”

Yellowstone Star Explains Unusual Show-n-Tell Item

Costner says the item he brought kept him under scrutiny for the remainder of his school days.

“I brought my father’s .30-30,” he says drawing a roar of laughter from the audience. The Yellowstone lead says his most cherished item didn’t exactly correlate with items that his classmates brought for show and tell.

“I walked it through the neighborhood, all the way into class,” he says of the incident. “What I brought paled compared to what any of the other people had brought, but I was going to be watched closely from then on.”

Yellowstone fans are eager to see Kevin Costner brings his guns back to their television screens. The heavily popular Paramount Network series is set to return in the near future. Yellowstone fans are growing anxious as we (hopefully) draw closer to new episodes.