‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Declares ‘Everything Was Perfect’ About MLB’s ‘Field of Dreams’ Game

by Thad Mitchell

Major League Baseball played its first-ever professional game in Iowa last night (Thursday) and “Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner couldn’t be happier.

After spending the last three years playing Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton, Kevin Costner returned to Iowa. The state sets the background for one of Costner’s top films and one of the actor’s favorite flicks. Dubbed the “Field of Dreams” game, the title takes its name from the movie of the same name. The game featured a matchup between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. The White Sox won the game in a most dramatic fashion — a walk-off home run to earn the sox a win. It is almost like a Hollywood script guided the two teams to an exciting finish at the end of the game.

Costner, whose hit show “Yellowstone” will return this fall, says he could not have asked for a more “perfect” outcome. On Friday, the Hollywood leading man took to social media to express his gratitude to everyone involved in the experience.

“Everything was just perfect,” he says of the baseball game. “It might not be heaven, but Iowa is pretty close.”

‘Yellowstone’ Leading Man Returns to Iowa

While Yellowstone Ranch and the state of Iowa may have a few things in common, Costner clearly appreciates cooperation from Major League baseball. In his Friday social media post, Costner includes four terrific photos from the game. The first shows Costner emerging from the nearby cornfield, much the same way he does in the film. The second pic shows him meeting and greeting a couple of New York Yankees players. The third photo is of the game’s crowd who love every minute of the contest. The fourth photo shows a beautiful Iowa sunset sinking beneath the stadium.

If you have never seen “Field of Dreams,” well — you need to get to it. It is one of Costner’s best movies of all time. It should be required watching for all “Yellowstone” fans and those who enjoy the actor in his best work. Costner plays Iowa farmer Ray Kinsetta who builds a baseball stadium in the middle of his cornfield.

Thursday night’s “Field of Dreams” game was held in Dyersville, Iowa, and the “Yellowstone” star was enthusiastic. Like his film. Costner watched baseball players converge on a 10-feet high cornfield to play the game they love. The event went off without a hitch and it will be interesting to see if MLB looks for other interesting venues.

While you are waiting for “Yellowstone” to return for a new season this fall, do yourself a favor and check out “Field of Dreams.”

The incredible movie will provide you with a Kevin Costner fix until your favorite modern western returns.