‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Didn’t Know the Show Would Be Such a ‘Runaway Success’

by Jonathan Howard

All Yellowstone everything. Kevin Costner is one of the main reasons why you can’t look at the TV and not see something related to the series. With 1883 being a wild success, 1923 on the way, and the Bass Reeves series – the Duttonverse continues to grow. Taylor Sheridan shows no sign of letting up, either.

While Costner is known for his acting talent, one of the best to do it, he’s still been part of a few not-so-successful projects in the past. Not everything is a success. Even if you have a good story, some folks just won’t pay attention. Now, heading into Season 5 of Yellowstone, the writing is on the wall. The series is going to be considered a classic.

Something Kevin Costner never saw coming. When asked about turning down certain roles, Costner told ComingSoon how he felt.

“No. I think about everything. I have reservations about making certain movies, and when those become so pronounced, I say no. So I have to make up my mind that when this came along, I understood where they were trying to go. I just needed to feel, did this have a chance to 1) make me interested, and 2) could an audience enjoy the same things that I was enjoying about it?”

Those thoughts were considered when he was approached about Yellowstone.

“So I had to kind of make a fundamental decision about that. I came to the conclusion, ‘Yeah, I think that people will really enjoy this.’ I didn’t predict that it would be a runaway success, but I’m not surprised at all that people do like it to the degree that they have liked it. I think that I couldn’t have predicted that exactly.”

If Kevin Costner couldn’t then who could?

Kevin Costner Breaks Down the Westerns That Inspired Him

When it comes to loving a certain genre, sometimes it is one film or piece of media that makes our minds up. Kevin Costner is no different. Before Yellowstone, he had already been drawn toward the Western genre. Of course, Costner has some great films that have inspired him throughout the years.

The Searchers was an important movie for me. How the West Was Won was important even though there’s some goofy parts in it,” he explained. “Red River was an important movie. It can go down the line. Hombre was an important movie. Those things mark me.”

With Kevin Costner at this point in his career, it’s no wonder why Yellowstone is so successful. He’s just made for the role of John Dutton. A new season is on the way and the cult success is just going to continue with it.