‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Explains Why He Never Can Get Beauty of Nature ‘Out of My Psyche’

by Jon D. B.

If there ever were a picture-perfect Outsider, it’s Kevin Costner. In a new audio interview with Visit California, the “Yellowstone” icon delves deep into his spiritual love of nature, his home state, and how it has defined his entire life.

For their latest expose, Visit California held an excellent chat with the Hollywood legend. Within, Costner touches on everything from his beloved childhood road trips with family – to how he’s never been able to “duplicate” the impact the state’s sights and smells hold over him. And when host Soterios Johnson asks the outdoors icon of his favorite California destinations, Costner doesn’t hesitate with his answer:

“Well I’ve never been able to get the Sierras out of my psyche,” he reveals. “When I go there, I’m always refreshed. When I go the sequoias, it’s the same.”

Most know Kevin Costner by his near-unrivaled film portfolio. Through it all, however, his passion for the great outdoors has been paramount. So much so, that it tends to dominate every project he’s a part of. Particularly those he crafts himself, such as his wilderness-based novels and his upcoming first foray into writing for television: ABC’s “National Parks.”

Kevin Costner: “It’s always been the Sierras for me”

“There’s something about how dominant nature is… California is completely fraught with that,” Costner continues, to this end. The “Yellowstone” star, who’s John Dutton is one with the very land the show centers around, definitely has a soft spot for the state and its natural wonders. It is, after all, the land of his rearing and birth. One that constantly calls him back, no matter where he finds himself.

“Even the Colorado River, if you think about it, is part of California,” he adds, awe in his voice. “This incredible river that finds its way from Colorado and winds its way through the country and empties out into the Pacific… It carved the Grand Canyon!” he lauds.

Obviously, Visit California host Soterios Johnson is thrilled to hear this, too. And Kevin Costner is just as eager to heap praise onto his home.

“For destinations… It’s always been the Sierras for me. You know, I’ve never been able to duplicate that particular smell,” Costner says of the CA range’s grandeur.

“These granite mountains… I would imagine it smells the way it does just because the pine needles fall, the sun hits them, and all that sap… The wind picks up that waft… And it was all California Sierras!”

Something tells us Kevin Costner’s upcoming “National Parks” television series will find its way to California.