‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Has ‘No Doubt’ More Spinoffs Are Coming

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP) (Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

When it comes to “Yellowstone” spinoffs, star Kevin Costner is fully confident that Taylor Sheridan will create more in the near future.

Kevin Costner took the time to talk spinoffs and all the things “Yellowstone” on the red carpet at the Oscars. Costner hit up the awards show with his wife, Christine Baumgartner, the two of them looking gorgeous as ever. On the carpet, Costner spoke with ExtraTV about the Western’s success and whether that means more spinoffs in the future.

 “I have no doubt there’ll be more spinoffs,” Kevin Costner told the outlet. “I didn’t even know about the spin-offs that were coming.”

He added, “I just kind of do my thing, hit my marks, and go, ‘Wow, this thing is really going well.’”

This isn’t the first time Costner has said he likes to go with the flow when it comes to this show. He puts his full trust in Taylor Sheridan, the showrunner and writer, to create something spectacular. At the same red carpet event, Costner told ET Online, “I can’t keep up with all [‘Yellwostone’s] success. I just show up and I wear the hat. I’ve enjoyed being able to do it, and we’ll just see how long that goes.”

Hopefully pretty far into the future. “Yellowstone” just wrapped up its explosive fourth season, which broke several viewership records for a telecast. “1883,” the first spinoff to launch from Sheridan, also broke records on the Paramount Plus streaming platform. While “1883” doesn’t get a second season, there is a second prequel series, “1932,” that’s set to follow the next generation of Duttons.

And let’s not forget “6666,” the spinoff about the Four-Sixes Ranch in Texas. This is the show we know the least about, from the cast to the characters to the plotline.

What Other ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoffs Could We See in the Future?

Time to put on your theorizing hats, “Yellowstone” fans. Kevin Costner believes more spin-offs are imminent. But what, exactly, would you like to see Taylor Sheridan dive into in a spin-off?

Some fans want to see more of the Bunkhouse Boys. Our resident cowboys and wranglers are all loyal to John Dutton and the ranch. But who were they before they came to the Yellowstone? What did they leave behind when they took in that brand? Perhaps a spinoff about those characters would flesh them out and give them a proper background.

Another idea: a spinoff about the Dutton kids and what they all did when they left the ranch. Three out of the four of them (Lee being the exception) left the Yellowstone at one point.

Jamie was forced to leave to attend Harvard. We could see how he started to drift away from his family’s values. Beth left to escape her past and her mother’s death. We could see her become the corporate queen she is today. And, most mysteriously, we can see how Kayce dealt with being branded by his father after getting Monica pregnant. See him decide to enter the military to protect her and their child.

Similar to “This Is Us,” a spinoff about these three in young adulthood could really paint a picture of why they are the way they are today. What do you think, “Yellowstone” fans?